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Growing Superb Plants In Your Home Garden in 2020

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Garden Alert!!!
The Coronavirus is impacting many, many things in our lives. From a
gardening perspective, you need not panic. But, for the success of your
gardening season, it is very important that you read the posting in our
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The search for garden seeds hits prime time. While many people have
been searching for seeds since the beginning of the new year, seed sales
hit their peak in March. It also coincides with the available of seed
stock and varieties offered by your favorite online and local in-store
retail outlet. As we progress through the month, an increasing number of
varieties will begin to run out of stock. Local stores in particular,
often do not reorder seeds when they run out of stock. So, if you are
looking for specific varieties, or your favorite brand of seeds, it only
makes sense to shop sooner rather than later. 

Garden Seeds
& Supplies

Indoor Plant Starts – Starting seeds indoors to transplant later,
is one of the early joys of gardening. Why let the garden stores have all
the fun, when you can start your own seedlings!? As a rule of thumb, most
indoor starts should be planted six to eight weeks before the last frost
in your area. That means you will likely plant your indoor starts sometime
this month.

Greenhouse Dreamin’ Every gardener dreams of a greenhouse in their
back yard. Winter months are the perfect time to dream those dreams. But,
why settle with just dreaming? There’s a greenhouse for just about every

Pest Control – It is not too early to begin to think about pest
control. Before you know it, your flowers and veggies will be
up and growing. ……kewl! You anxiously await the harvest. So do birds,
deer, rabbits, insects, and a vast army of other pests. Stop the freeloaders. End
their snack time…period.

Garden Tips
– from The Gardener’s Network, where every day is a gardening

Read the Good Book…. There’s plenty of good books on gardening.
Reading a book on gardening, or your favorite plant, is a great way to help
the winter months go by quicker. There’s always something new to learn when
you dig into gardening related books. There’s also plenty of tips and learnings
in our growing list of “how to” pages. So, make sure to surf our site and
stop back often.

Have you ever taken a soil pH test in your houseplants? Why not? Each
pot can result in wild swings on the pH scale. An off balance pH in
your houseplant’s soil, often is the answer for a sick plant.
More on
soil pH

Homeowners love Arborvitae. Fast growing with little care, they are
among the most popular of evergreens for both foundation plants and hedgerows.
More on Arborvitaes.

Celebrate your Garden Hobby

Every month, there are many holiday and special days for gardeners to celebrate their hobby.
Among the holidays coming up in April:





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