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While I was researching and writing this post last week we had moderate temperatures and I was itching to get in my gardens, however….you know weather…six inches of new snow!

So, while I won’t be able to get in my gardens just yet.

I have plenty of Southern friends who are sprucing, trimming and planting their Summer gardens right now!

So let’s chat, tell me what you are up to.

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You know us gardeners wanting to…..know all the good dirt!

Don’t you just love this darling gardening apron?

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David Austin roses have the most lovely fragrance and are available in a wide range of colors.
The David Austin Website has a wonderful selection of books and calendars too.
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DavidAustin has been perfecting the beautiful English rose for 60 years.

While the David Austin Rose is picture perfect for any garden, if you are striving for cottage garden ambience this graceful beauty is a must have.

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Here is the Real Dirt on Sunlight and Water for Roses.

Where To Plant Roses:

Roses are extremely versatile and hardy plants that can be planted in a variety of positions and locations in the garden. When selecting a planting location, we recommend you consider the following points to ensure the rose thrives:

1. Roses need sunlight!

Roses thrive on direct sunlight.

For best results, a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight is recommended.

However, even when planted against a north wall (meaning no direct sunlight) roses can still perform well.

2. Roses need space!

The closer you plant your rose to other plants, the more competition there is for moisture and sunlight.

For best results, plant your rose 3 feet away from other plants and 2 feet from other roses.

Avoid planting a rose under an overhanging tree branch.

How much water do Roses need?

Watering is arguably the most important aspect of growing any plant.

The right amount of watering will promote a healthy shrub that will flower over a long period.

Watering cans are an excellent way to control the amount of water that you give your roses.

Shrub roses –   1-3 gallons

Climbing roses – 3-6 gallons

Rambling roses – 3-6 gallons

Standard roses – 3-6 gallons

Roses in pots – 1-3 gallons

This all becomes a little tricky as watering varies greatly throughout the year.

So the following are just suggestions.

Fall and Winter:

Water as needed if the ground is completely dry until the rose goes dormant.


Watch out for particularly prolonged dry spells.

Newly planted roses – water every two or three days.

Established roses – water once or twice a week as needed to keep the soil moist around your roses.


Established roses – water as needed to keep the soil moist around your roses.

As your rose starts blooming, take note if your flowers are wilting. This will happen in extreme heat but is a reliable sign that your roses need more water.

Newly planted roses – water every other day.

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Thank you for joining me today!

Happy National Gardening Day!


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