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Gardens are such a large part of the typical South African homeowner, for what they represent to us. A garden is a place to gather family and friends, have a relaxing Sunday afternoons amidst our South African flora and many birds that are drawn to it. A garden is a place where our cats and dogs have their own modern jungle and can roam free. This is also a space where in our country, the sun shines almost 100% of the year, come summer or winter. There are many different styles that a South African garden can take on, but there are normally two distinct types: a city garden, and a country style garden. 

These two gardens have very different characteristics, but essentially have the same ingredients to a beautiful garden, they just look slightly different. A city garden simply means that this garden is located in a city usually within the suburbs. The suburban garden is infamously manicured, organised and maintained almost on a daily basis. Now, the country garden is similar but there is definitely more space, less manicured fashion and more free and open. A country garden will have a lot more space for trees, larger plants and sometimes even grass that would not really need to be cut. 

What do Gardeners do?

Well, to answer this question, one has to define the seriousness of the label ‘gardener’. For a professional, gardening is more than a hobby, it is an occupation, a way of life, and something that requires a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to all aspects of gardening. The description of a gardener is also used to explain a garden designer as well as a landscape- gardener or architect. All of these occupations are involved in mainly designing a garden, implementing the systems that will help that garden grow, as well as maintaining the garden over long periods of time, hopefully for years. 

Gardeners attempt to optimise what they are given when they are hired, by making the best and most out of the soil found in that garden, the location and the climate in that area all in an effort to find the best plants to suit those conditions and location. 

Why You Need a Gardener

Although gardening is seen as more of a hobby and most of the simple gardening tasks can be done as a Do It Yourself job, there are larger and more complex jobs that will absolutely need the expertise of a professional gardener. The gardener can assist their clients with structural and spatial factors such as where and how to place larger plants like trees. Trees are probably one of the toughest plants to place in a garden and to know the outcome of the adult or fully grown tree. Because trees are so unpredictable, a professional would most likely need to be brought in to give some advice on the matter. 

Besides the trees, gardeners must be brought in to advise on the location, soil and water of where the garden will be. These are important factors to talk about and plan around when creating a garden, because of what will be permitted to grow there, how well will the plants do, and finally, is there enough water and nutrients for the garden to really prosper. 

How Much Does a Gardener Cost?

In South Africa, gardeners are not too hard to come by but professional gardeners and their services would usually cost anything around R 750 a week. This charge includes planting services, cleaning services which include de-weeding and perhaps pesticide application, and finally  maintenance services which consists of cutting grass, trimming of trees and hedges and other tasks. 

Other gardeners are known to charge different prices for different time periods. First, they might charge according to the size of the property they will be servicing. This is an important factor to consider as it will determine how many gardeners are needed, and what tools they would need to bring. After considering the size, the gardening service will consider how often they would need to service the property; once a week? Twice a week? Or more? This kind of pricing could costs between R 250 to R 350 per week depending on how many times a week the gardener would need to come in. 

What a Gardener can Help You Achieve

-Immaculate Flowerbeds

This is most definitely one of the hardest tasks to complete in a garden. This is a back breaking, time consuming and tedious tasks when it comes to gardening. And yet, this is one of the most crucial tasks that is needed to create those gorgeous layers of colour, texture and height in a garden. This is a task that a team of professional gardeners can make easy for you. 

-Ornament Coordination

When we talk about coordination of ornaments, we are referring to the items such as water fountains, zen gardens, bird houses, swings and any other items that are placed in a garden for visual delight. A professional gardener will help you place these decorative items in and around the garden in the best way possible. 

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