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There are many good reasons for growing a vegetable garden in Mississippi.

  • Photo of the Garden Tabloid coverA garden offers the opportunity to enjoy vegetables at their freshest. Sometimes only minutes elapse between harvest, preparation, and eating. Most fresh vegetables available at the grocery store travel about 1,800 miles between producer and consumer, and this travel often occurs over a period of several days. There’s a lot to be said for “homegrown” freshness.
  • In recent years many people are growing vegetables to save money on their grocery bill.
  • A garden can be a wonderful place for children. They provide opportunities for play, learning, and for having fun.

Regardless of motive, gardening can be as simple or as complex a project as you make it. As the interest in all aspects of gardening has increased, so has the need for more information and education. Careful planning can make gardening easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. In planning your garden, it is important to consider a few basics.

The answers to most questions for the beginner can be found in Extension Publication P1091 – The Garden Tabloid. Links to different sections are listed below.

The Garden Tabloid – Extension Publication 1091:

Also available in PDF format for easy printing.

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