24 Surprisingly Divisive Pooping Habits

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During one of the dreadful late-night conversations that freshmen in college have, my roommate casually mentioned something about the annoyance of taking off her shirt before pooping.

Wait, what?

“Um, you mean you DON’T take off all your clothes to poop? Isn’t that gross?” She was completely shocked that other people didn’t do this. To her, getting fully nude to poop was the normal way, and it had never occurred to her that people actually pooped with their shirts on.

Our bathroom habits, especially about going No. 2, are formed around ages 3–5, and after that we rarely actually see another human actually pooping. So we have no idea if these little habits we’ve been doing since preschool are “normal” or not.

To find out what’s really going on the bathroom, BuzzFeed created a poll — Are Your Bathroom Habits Weird? — that ran over the weekend. Over 300,000

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