Tend to faith, family and food in the kitchen

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It’s time, folks.

It’s time to celebrate our moms’ and our grandmas’ kitchens with comfort food.

Why such a proposition as this time? Well, if more of the financiers of the hell-raisers turning our streets into violent pathways of anti-ism, the protesters would be too busy to drum up anger.

Perhaps even The Donald and Uncle Joe would have been kinder and gentler to each had they been prepping a digestible meal for Chris Wallace — digestible, for sure, being the operative word. They then would have been able to say grace, break bread together and spoon feed the audience. Instead, antacids and other tummy soothers were on the post-debate menu.

2020, it seems, is the year of upsetting apple carts, by any means necessary, which is why it’s time to take a leap.

Redirect that energy, soothe the soul.

Get in the kitchen, boil a pot of potatoes,

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