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SPRING FORECAST: Increasing sun and warmth, no matter what’s happening in the news. And we also forecast that you’ll be spending a lot of time at home this season. That means now more than ever you want your home to be good-looking, inviting and safe.

Spring home improvement is always a spirit lifter. And since coronavirus-related social distancing and shelter in place began, Lowes has seen an increase in sales of home project supplies. But keep a few tips in mind if you’re considering do-it-yourself right now:

– Just say “no” to overly challenging DIY, especially involving electricity, plumbing, your roof or power tools. You do NOT want to land in a hospital emergency room at the moment. They’re hotbeds of infection, and brave medical personnel are already stretched way beyond their limits.
– Think twice about large scale projects that require pulling a permit and passing inspection. Local building

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