Maddie & Tae Prove Girls Stick Together in ‘Bathroom Floor’ Video Sounds Like Nashville

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Maddie & Tae prove they have their girls’ backs in the action-packed video for their new track, “Bathroom Floor,” operating a much needed broken-heart repair service.

Picking up where their devastated “Die From a Broken Heart” video left off, the clip finds Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye helping their sisters-in-need get over some painful breakups. Scouring the city streets, they find girls at rock bottom, then pick them up off the bathroom floor and head out for a re-invigorating night on the town — all to the upbeat country strains of a who-needs-you anthem.

“Get up off the bathroom floor / Let’s wipe the tears off your cheeks / Put on a dress and get out that door / Girl, the first shot’s on me,” goes the silver-lining chorus. “Let’s jump into a cab downtown / Let a sexy man spin you around / Let’s show that heart some neon

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