Wayne Police ID Bathroom Mall Peeper, Need Help Finding Him

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WAYNE, NJ — The Wayne Police Department has identified a man who is accused of recently snapping a photo of a woman as she used the restroom at Willowbrook Mall.

According to police, Mohammad Abass, 40, of Newark, has been charged with invasion of privacy and criminal trespass.

Officers said Abass has been evading arrest and are asking the public for help in trying to locate him. He was known to be in Upstate New York and Vermont recently, they said.

On Friday, Aug. 14, 2020, around 6:30 p.m., Wayne police responded to Willowbrook Mall for a report of suspicious person who had “invaded a woman’s privacy.”

Police said a woman was in a bathroom stall inside Macy’s department store when Abass placed his arm under the stall beside her and snapped a picture with his cellphone as she used the restroom. According to the victim, she observed a flash

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