Fall is the time to revitalize your patio plantings in Colorado

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Fall is the time to do some pruning, snipping and staking.

DENVER — Even if you protected your patio plants from the snowstorm, some may have been damaged.

I yanked a tub full of plants that had been frosted and those that were past their prime. They’re in the compost pile now.


Move pots around to highlight the most attractive flowers and foliage. Do some pruning, snipping and staking as needed.


Enhance what you already have with the addition of new flowers.

The best plants to add pops of color include black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), ornamental peppers and mums.

Buy mums when the flowers are first opening; the show will last longer.

If you buy them with most of the flowers already open, they’re closer to the end of their display rather than to the beginning.

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