Vandals damage City Park’s Storyland, Carousel Garden, write racial slurs on rides

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Surveillance cameras captured images of the vandals in the act.

NEW ORLEANS — Vandals broke into City Park’s Storyland and Carousel Gardens, breaking windows, damaging the carousel, and writing racial slurs on the rides.

Photos from City Park show broken glass, graffiti and tails ripped from carousel horses. Officials say it also looks like someone stabbed the antique band organ and one of the carousel horses with a screwdriver.

The racially-charged graffiti includes the N-word and the phrase “Hitler Salute.”

Images of the two vandals were captured by security cameras set up after their first break-in. City Park officials say the names “Alex” and “Justin A” were written on items in the park and shoe prints were left on the carousel doors where they were kicked in.

City Park’s Storyland received a big renovation in 2019, adding new exhibits. The

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Racial slurs found in portable bathroom at construction site in Casselberry

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CASSELBERRY, Fla. – Casselberry police are investigating racial slurs found in a portable bathroom at a construction site.

On Wednesday, Tiquanna Oliver said just before she took a break during her shift at a construction site on Lake Drive in Casselberry, she stopped to use the restroom.

“I go inside the porta-potty, as I’m using getting up it catches my eye. So I turn around and that is when I saw it.”

The n-word and other markings including “black lives splatter” were found in the portable bathroom.

Oliver said before she stepped out of the bathroom she snapped photos of the foul writing on her phone and sent them to her boss.

“What made me feel threatened was the fact that it said black lives splatter, I took that as a threat,” Oliver said.

Oliver was working as an electrician on the site and said she works among various subcontractors

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