3 Home Improvements I Later Regretted

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When you buy a new-construction home, as I did a decade ago, you’re often tempted to spring for upgrades from the get-go. After all, why have your home completed only to rip things out or tear things apart a year or two later? It was that logic that drove me to make a few rash decisions during the construction process — decisions I later bemoaned.

1. Paying for an oversized soaking tub

My home features a fairly large master bathroom, so when I saw that my builder was planning to include a standard tub, I immediately requested an upgrade. I’d seen other homes in our search with beautiful, luxurious, oversized soaking tubs and decided that I needed to have one as well — even though it would add a good $1,000 to our out-of-pocket costs.

My husband, nice person that he is, graciously agreed to let me have my large

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