Our Kitchen: Remarkable Food Prepared By Hand At The COOK Kitchen

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Our Kitchen

OK, so this isn’t an official accolade, but the COOK Kitchen in Sittingbourne, Kent is like no other. It takes 300 people, working day and night, with immense care and pride, to create our meals. We love showing people round, but if you never make it to our corner of Kent, here’s a virtual guided tour.


1. Goods In

We check in all our ingredients with the same diligence as a sergeant major inspecting his troops on the parade ground. No ingredient enters the Kitchen unless we’re 100% happy and, as our suppliers will tell you, we are very, very fussy.



2. Prep

Under the watchful eye of Big Rob, the Prep Team prepares all the ingredients for the chefs. Vegetables are topped and tailed, peeled and sliced. Meat is trimmed and diced. In the Spice Room, herbs and spices are mixed for marinades. Prep is home to

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