Here’s What You Should Know Before Selling a Furnished Home

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Selling your home is a huge endeavor — so big that you might not think of all the details surrounding the sale, such as the home’s furnishings. If you’re looking to maximize profits, consider selling your furniture, because it’s worth something too. But is this the right move for you?

Making a furniture plan

Furniture is often an afterthought in the home selling process. But it’s a big consideration and deserves some thought before you list. Here are some possibilities for what to do with it:

  • Sell your furniture with the home.
  • Bring it with you when you move.
  • Have an estate or garage sale.
  • List it online, such as on Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Marketplace or Craigslist.
  • Sell it through a consignment sale.
  • Donate it.

Let’s explore what you should know about selling a furnished home. If you decide that isn’t your best option, you can always choose one (or

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Dobbies is Selling Houseplants in Coconut Coir Pots

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Dobbies Garden Centres has just launched a range of houseplants in sustainable coconut coir pots, starting from just £6.99.

Launching in stores across the UK this month, the collection of on-trend plants include Philodendron White Measure (£14.99), Sansevieria Snake Plant (£9.99), Hoya Heart (£6.99), Pleated Sansevieria (£6.99), Ficus Lyrata (£24.99), Cheese Plant (Minima) (£12.99), and Calathea Insignis (£14.99).

Each of the plants will come in an organic, degradable cultivation pot made from natural rubber and coconut shell. While Dobbies introduced a free plastic plant pot return service last year, this new initiative exists to offer more eco-friendly alternatives — and to help put an end to the half a million plastic plant pots ending up in landfill each year.

As well as being kind to the planet, the pots are easy to water, a by-product of coconut farms, and incredibly breathable too (coir pots also allow air to easily pass

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A Website Is Selling Plants from Garden Centres That Would Have Gone to Waste

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During the current coronavirus pandemic, you may have heard how garden centres were forced to throw away millions of plants while closed for lockdown.

Fortunately, a new business has created a plan to prevent flowers and foliage from going to waste.

PlantSavers is a website that saves plants from British garden centres and nurseries hit by COVID-19, delivering them straight to your door.

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The online service has partnered with nurseries that have been hit hardest to sell perennial and annual plants at bargain prices.

There are currently three bundles of plants and compost on sale.

These include a Bloomer Bundle for £25, which includes an assortment of at least seven 9-12cm plants.

Then there’s the Green Thumb Selection for £35, including at least twelve

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Home Improvement Selling Skills.com

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