19+ Beautiful Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Decoration

Well, we all have dreamt of our own customized house and we often ignore decorating the most vital part of the house, the kitchen. The kitchen is one of our favorite places in the house where we get to eat tasty, delicious food dishes. We should decorate it in the best manner possible and must not keep it plain and simple. Kitchen walls are one of the components that we can easily decorate and enhance the look and beauty of the kitchen with it. We have brought today some good ideas for kitchen wall decor ideas that you must have a look at and select the ones that you liked the most.

Let us check out these kitchen wall decor now. 

1. Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: homeologie.com

As soon as you enter the kitchen, imagine your eyes getting stuck to the most important word: “EAT”. This technique makes the word E A T written over the wooden cutting boards in smooth texture making the atmosphere zestful.

2. Stacked Shelving

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: pinterest.com

This method makes our kitchen look more dynamic and elegant by replacing the top-level cabinets with buoyant shelves. This also makes the kitchen look more beautiful and attractive and you won’t also need to open and close the cabinets again and again as everything will be on the shelve. 

3. Use Dark Colors

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: layjao.com

This procedure informs us to use dark thick colors which makes any cooking space look attractive and sophisticated. Usage of more rich colors such as blue and maroon serves as icing on the cake!

4. Weekly Menu Recipe Card Board

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: myhomedecorguide.com

A Hardwood board is used to set up a weekly schedule of satisfying hunger. This way it makes the people anticipate the dishes in excitement and informs us about the importance of meal preparation.

5. Simple and Streamlined

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: goodhousekeeping.com

Usage of lacquer, a simple material available in different colors will make the kitchen transformed from conventional to modern one!

6. Juxtapose Materials

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: pinterest.com

Natural pebbles, matte and glossy surfaces along with various shades of woods make the kitchen look elegant and shiny.

7. Colorful Lighting

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: home-designing.com

Thinking to decorate your kitchen using lockets and pendants? Well, that won’t be a bad idea in case you are brainstorming ideas into it. This can make your kitchen stand apart from the rest of the flock and indeed makes a bold statement.

8. Schoolhouse Charm

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: archidea.com.ua

Starting with two C’s: The CHALK and the CHALKBOARD. Get some stools in the bright red, blue and yellow colors along with a board to have a light mood while cooking.

9. Eye-Catching Tile

source: herringbonekitchens.com

Addition of eye-catching tiles on the kitchen shelf or beside the sink can make your kitchen an X-Factor of the house. A joyful design can add colors to your kitchen life!

10. Rustic Clock 

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: custommade.com

Stick to the old Rusty clock that gives us a blistering past feeling and makes us feel nostalgic. Build your walls contrast the clock color and enjoy the beautiful soothing scenario.

11. Painted Floors

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: elledecor.com

The main goal of this idea is to customize the color of the flooring. So, bring out your favorite charming colors and make the most out of it.

12. Mixed Styles

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: goodhousekeeping.com

This type of design has the basic idea of a combination of both vintages as well as modern antique items to decorate the kitchen sector.

13. Painted Ceiling

Painted Ceiling

source: hgtv.com

Here as the name suggests the main job is to paint the ceilings with bright colors. Advice to leave the side walls a bit white just so to match up with the ceiling paint making the viewers spellbound.

14. Double-Duty Table 

Double-Duty Table 

source: wayfair.com

The Basic method when you run out of ideas is to set up a rusty table for large family gatherings and have a peaceful supper. Always works when you are stranded with empty minds!

15. Rustic Wood Board Wine Rack

Rustic Wood Board Wine Rack

source: stylemotivation.com

Simplicity is the key here. A stack made up of wooden rack and having multiple beverage options to fit in your drinks. You can have a relaxed and peaceful night drinking your favorite wine from this rack on a weekend.

16. Indoor Planter Box Herb Garden

Indoor Planter Box Herb Garden

source: pinterest.com

What if you enter the kitchen and get welcomed by a square box full of herbs and plants? How soothing that would be for one who loves nature the most? Water them regularly and mix them into your recipes. That’s a win-win situation!

17. All White

All White

source: southernliving.com

Everything in white is perfect and it will let your kitchen look simple, elegant, calm and peaceful. It will add peaceful silence to your kitchen which is good if you want some quality time with your family having food staying away from the chaos of the world. 

18. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

source: pinterest.com

Setting up your favorite artwork alongside the windowless kitchen gives you the perfect aesthetic view and sets up the kitchen beautifully. You will enjoy your food more when you have the best of your memories, artwork or any other thing right before your eyes on the wall. 

19. Coffee Bar

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: newswire.com

All those coffee lovers out there will be craving for these, won’t they? Just set up a coffee bar in the vicinity of the kitchen and this wonderful setup will make your every morning fresh.

20. Best of Both Worlds

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: archiexpo.com

Both worlds, yes you heard it correct, here stainless steel as well as wood will play along the surfaces together and will prove themselves as a great friend.

21. Totally Turquoise

kitchen wall decor ideas

source: thespruce.com

Choosing a single dark color may be hard but it will look great. Just be bold enough and go with it to decorate your kitchen. (Note that Brown Black Blue would suit the most).

Here we have shown you the best ideas for Kitchen Wall Decorations. This will indeed prove you a boon if you are planning to revamp the kitchen. All these designs are peculiar and best in their own way. It’s up to the person now what he thinks would suit the surrounding in the best way. For more decorating ideas, visit Housedecorationtips.

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