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Watch Chapter 53. Episode 1 of Season 5.

1. Chapter 53


As Congress debates investigating Frank, he and Claire attempt to stoke fear of terrorism. Tom Yates continues his stay in the White House.

Watch Chapter 54. Episode 2 of Season 5.

2. Chapter 54


Frank and his team work to leverage support in key states by any means necessary. Claire learns some upsetting news about one of Frank’s friends.

Watch Chapter 55. Episode 3 of Season 5.

3. Chapter 55


The day before the election, Conway holds a 24-hour Skype session with voters, while Frank and Claire stump in key states and try to discredit him.

Watch Chapter 56. Episode 4 of Season 5.

4. Chapter 56


With a tight race and low voter turnout on Election Day, things look grim for Frank. But he’s still got one more trick up his sleeve.

Watch Chapter 57. Episode 5 of Season 5.

5. Chapter 57


Nine weeks after Election Day, the Underwoods work to consolidate their power. LeAnn tries to track down a missing Aidan Macallan.

Watch Chapter 58. Episode 6 of Season 5.

6. Chapter 58


In the midst of uncertainty,

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House Democrats appear poised to keep the House but fall drastically behind expectations

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Instead, several Democratic incumbents the party believed were secure found themselves suddenly out of a job. And many GOP districts that Democratic leaders had been eyeing for months landed solidly in Republican control.

Those results come despite the party raising more than $300 million due to the vast energy on the left. Many political handicappers had predicted that the Democrats would pick up three to 15 seats, growing their 232-to-197 majority. By Wednesday morning, that prediction proved faulty, with Democrats down about a half-dozen incumbents and many of their top candidates trailing GOP opponents.

The lackluster performance — at least compared with expectations — could have consequences for the presidency: If neither President Trump nor former vice president Joe Biden wins 270 electoral college votes, the House has the ability under the Constitution to pick the next president when it convenes in January. Each state delegation is awarded one vote,

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About Us – House & Home

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House & Home About Us

Welcome to House & Home. We are a premiere design, decorating and lifestyle brand that takes you inside the most unique and beautiful homes in North America and abroad. House & Home magazine is published by Lynda Reeves. It brings you the best in design trends, products and stores to inspire you, and decorating advice to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Houseandhome.com is our website where you can get to know our team of talented designers and stylists. Discover dramatic makeovers and learn about the hottest new furniture, fabrics and accessories. Watch episodes of H&H TV and get expert tips on design, renovation and DIY projects, plus recipes and ideas for entertaining with style.

To manage your subscription to the magazine, give a gift or subscribe to the digital edition, please visit our Subscriptions page.

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House | The Cook Political Report

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