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30 day garden challenge

With the whole of the UK on lockdown, there has never been a better time to focus your attentions on the garden. The rewards? Fresh air, exercise and purpose, as well as a brilliant garden makeover in time for summer. Take part in our 30 day Garden Challenge so you can reap the full benefits of your plot.

Over the next month we’re inviting you to take part in our 30 day garden challenge so you can achieve the summer garden you deserve. Complete one manageable gardening task each day and share your progress using the hashtag #30daygardenchallenge. Good luck!

weed your garden

Day 1: Weed your garden

Find expert tips on how to weed your garden so it’s easier to manage but still wildlife friendly. Whether you’ve got a lawn, a patio, beds or a mixture of the three, this will set you on the right path to a pretty plot. Go to article.

Summer Garden
Illustration: Gill Tomblin

Day 2: Grow flowers and plan for a summer garden

There’s still time to order plant seeds to grow and enjoy over the summer months. Today’s task is to think about what you’d like to grow so you can get those orders in! Go to article.

Day 3: Check back in tomorrow!

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