75 People who went a little too far when they renovated their bathrooms

We all have different taste and what’s “in” can change drastically over time.

But some things are always awful and home makeovers seem to bring out the worst in aspiring home designers.

From over-the-top decor to just plain bad design plans, you have to wonder what on Earth the people who own these 75 bathrooms were thinking when they decided to “spruce things up.”

Some are ghastly, others confusing, but each will give you some insight into what NOT to do when deciding how to make your bathroom a welcoming place.

Considering some of the monstrosities you’re about to see, it didn’t seem worth it to ease into the hideousness.

This is one of those bathrooms that’s so unreal we’re not even sure it’s real. But we hope it’s real just so we can hate it.

How many people do you think have fallen into that tub?

Those poor fish.

The only entertainment they’ll ever get is watching you relieve yourself in this bathroom.

And if that’s the toilet tank then do they go waterless for a moment every time you flush?!

Someone took the whole “invest money in your bathroom renovations” advice a little too seriously.

You’d be better off spending the money on a blindfold so you don’t have to see this ridiculousness.

Does this person like butterflies or hate them?

What does it mean to want to sit on something while you go to the bathroom?

Who comes up with these bizarre ideas?

So many questions, so few answers.

The one place we need less transparency is in the bathroom.

While it might be interesting to see just what happens inside a toilet once in your life, do you really need to see it every time?

Freud would probably have something fascinating to say about this obsession.

6. Anatomically incorrect

So, mermaids are already anatomical (mythical) wonders, but do you really think there’s a third nipple on their belly buttons?

And where is that left boob coming from?

What’s really amazing is that someone paid money to make this happen.

We get that you’d like to pretend you’re bathing in the French countryside. But is this really doing the trick for anyone?

When a contractor gets the instructions for this project we can only imagine they take a lot of photos just to prove that it happened.

That money might have been better spent on a vacation rather than a super-tacky bathroom.

We all know what goes on in the bathroom, there’s really no reason to dress it up like it’s something fancy.

In fact, no room needs this much lace. Ever.

How filthy do you think that toilet skirt gets? (And did you ever think “toilet skirts” would be a thing?)

When you can’t narrow down your wallpaper to just one, go ahead and use them all for maximum visual confusion in the bathroom.

Or maybe this person was trying to save money so they just plastered their wall with wallpaper samples.

Either way, the hideous effect is only amplified by the number of mirrors.

No one should like a color this much.

We’d need to be medicated to walk into this room much less relax in it.

And who wants to climb potentially slippery stairs to get to the toilet or bathtub?

It’s actually a challenge to pick the worst thing about this room.

Falling asleep in the bathtub can be dangerous, so are you sure you want to make it look like a 4-poster bed?

Honestly, we don’t even know what to say about the carpet that goes all the way up the sides of the tub. We just really don’t want to breathe the moldy air in that space.

The good news is that you could have a horrible bowel explosion in this room and no one would ever know.

What a waste of a perfectly good bathtub.

This is almost certainly what the bathroom in Hell looks like.

Where do we even start with this?

14. 70s Satan called and he wants his bathroom back

If the previous photo is Hell’s current bathroom it’s only because it was updated from this monstrosity.

Who knew there were so many terrible shades of green and that could all be found in one place?!

Not only is this the most awkwardly-placed shower we’ve seen (so far), but you also get the joy of watching yourself scrub your armpits from every angle thanks to those mirrors.

We don’t know if this bathroom belongs to a narcissist or a maniac.

You’ll really get to know your body if you spend any time in this room.

The mirrors on the ceiling are really something special.

What do you think the contractors who installed all of these mirrors were thinking?

We get it, you like the 80s and early 90s. Good for you. Zack Morris would be proud.

Enjoy selling your house, because that’s going to be fun to explain.

18. Committing to the theme

Now here’s a person that sticks to the script.

We’re just disappointed that at least three floor tiles were spared.

Maybe they’re just not finished yet.

You should definitely decorate your bathroom in such a way that the sink blends in so well that guests skulk out of the bathroom without having washed their hands because they didn’t see anywhere to do it.

The sad part is someone probably lovingly painted this all by hand.

Ok, rest your eyes for a moment and gaze upon this neutral bad design.

We’d like to know what the point of having 2 sinks is if you have to elbow the person next to you when you use yours.

Anyone who enjoys symmetry will be sure to take the quickest of bathroom breaks in this room.

If this looks classy on first glance, look harder.

If it still looks classy on second glance, never decorate your own bathroom.

But if you feel even remotely into this look, please leave a comment and describe what’s going on with that bathtub and why it appeals to you. We genuinely want to know.

Do you really want to put your hand near that thing?

And do you think that’s custom made or can we go buy one for someone we hate?

23. Bilbo Baggins’ bathroom

Welcome to The Shire, post-apocalypse.

All that’s left are some mutant frogs, remnants of a forest, and a toilet.

But what more do you need?

Give yourself a second to really hate this one because you might not realize just how ugly it is at first.

We might be able to get beyond the busy floors or walls, but not both.

But the true gem is the plant urinal. Very classy.

You know the one place we don’t want a kiss?

The bathroom.

Let’s also take a moment to marvel over those bright red blinds. Those have to be custom.

It’s a question we can ask of so many of these bathrooms, but this backsplash has to be one of the more ridiculous and unnecessary things we’ve ever seen.

We get it, you had extra tile. But there were other, better projects to use it for.

Just go ahead and wonder “what’s wrong with this one?” for a moment.

Then look to the left and try to explain that design decision.

We’ve seen that grueome tile before, but now we’ve added a snake!

In case you didn’t know where the toilet was, just follow his tongue.

Do you fall more or less in love when you look your partner in the eye while you both simultaneously regret burrito night?

At least no one has to wait to use the bathroom in this house.

30. We you raised in a barn or something?

What the hell is this?!

That was a perfectly good shower until someone added a trough.

We understand that maybe you want a bathtub, but you did it wrong. So wrong.

So many bad choices in one place!

From the crappy color scheme to the ridiculous sink that almost certainly fits nothing in it, we don’t know what this person was thinking.

Sometimes you really need to look at yourself but those big mirrors are expensive and hard to mount.

This person has exactly the wrong solution!

Get ALL the small mirrors. And make sure you set them up in a way that makes it look like they’re going to reach out and grab you.

That’s a fun bathroom fear.

We have so many questions. But let’s skip the obvious “why?”

Do you have to change all the rolls at the same time to get the right “look”?

What happens when there’s only toilet paper left on the ceiling?

What’s up with the rolls (and weird tile designs) on the floor?

We have more questions, but that’s probably a good start.

Too bad Indiana Jones never had to use the bathroom in the Temple of Doom.

Because it was pretty rad.

What a wonderful place to put an extra bathroom!

To be fair, people probably can’t see everything going on, but if you stand to pee you can watch traffic at the same time.

And who doesn’t have that on their bucket list?

It looks like someone boiled a bag of Werther’s Original candies and let it explode all over the bathroom counter.

How the heck do you clean this properly?

Have you ever wanted to pee in the subway station but never been drunk enough to actually try it?

Well now you can live out your fantasies with the help of the world’s most questionable wallpaper.

Grab your friends and enter if you dare!

You can fit one in the tub, let at least one steam up the shower, and you can probably fit 2-3 people in the jacuzzi.

But the best part is the giant fire hazard of a woodstove right in the middle of the wall.

Enjoy your home inspection!

39. Repurposed without purpose

It’s a very nice mantle.

It doesn’t belong above the sink, but it’s still very nice.

We just want to know how tall you have to be to see yourself in the mirror.

Got a big test coming up but need to take a bath?

Good thing mom bought that old school desk at the antique store and didn’t have anywhere else to put it!

Every one of those tiles had to be painstakingly mounted to create this mess.

And once again, the red custom porcelain really drives us over the edge.

Too bad they don’t sell good taste because that would have been a much better investment.

No. That doesn’t go there.

That’s not a good use of space.

Start over.

Man, this is atrocious.

It looks like a bad theme park.

But at least you can wash your hands WHILE you’re sitting on the toilet. That’s helpful.

44. Paradise by the bathroom light

So let us get this straight, you updated the lighting but not the pink palm trees?

We get that demolishing the rest might be beyond the budget, but at least paint over those palm trees!

45. A nice, relaxing bath

What a great idea.

Now you can fall to your death the minute you get out of a nice, relaxing bath.

Or, if you’re lucky, you can have something balanced on the side of the tub fall all the way downstairs and conk someone on the head.

And there’s so much privacy to boot.

Where do we sign up?

46. Don’t stop ’til you get enough

Thank goodness for that extra wallpaper.

Now the toilet tank can look just as bad as the walls!

How serene.

We love the way the light bounces off the skull imagery.

If someone wasn’t drunk when they designed this they certainly regretted it the first night they went in there after overindulging.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re falling through the floor when they go into the bathroom.

Where’s your sense of defacatory danger?!

It’s like if Tim Burton and Picasso got together after doing ‘shroooms and said “let’s design a bathroom.”

Nah, that would be cooler than this.

Ok, so space is at a premuim.

Why is there a shower handle and no curtain? Is someone showering IN bed?

Buddha does not approve.

These flamingos can’t even explain why someone painted them on the mirror.

From the sound of the caption, it appears this person is a renter.

We’d definitely ask for a discount to have to look at this every day.

This is what happens when you have good money and bad taste.

From the funhouse mirrors to the hideous sink to the inexplicably unnecessary crystal trash can, this is truly terrible design.

53. Say a little prayer…

…for whoever owns this bathroom.

For they know not what they do and how ridiculous this looks.

And did someone remove the head from the infant and start stuffing trash in it?

The thing about posing for a photo like this is that at some point someone clearly thought this was a good idea and who’s to stop people from thinking it was you?

Sir, please explain this shag carpeting and the smile on your face.

Who says fire and water don’t go together?

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have a fireplace in your shower. Don’t let them crush that dream.

That might be enough plants to freshen the air.

Sadly, if you look to the left, you’ll notice that they’re out of toilet paper.

57. The alternative to Live, Laugh, Love

There’s only so much living, laughing, and loving you can do in the bathroom.

These three things, on the other hand…

That leaves us to simply be confused by the painting.

Is no one worried about mold growth?!

There’s a reason we don’t use living room curtains in our bathrooms – besides the fact that they look hideous.

If you want a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom, you go right ahead and put in in there.

Don’t worry about the space.

Just enjoy soaking your feet from the toilet knowing you got what you wanted.

60. Put the yell in yellow

Do you think this person likes yellow?

We’re not sure they committed hard enough. They could have painted that cabinet above the toilet.

Give yourself some time to really look around and notice everything that’s horrible and inexplicable about this.

And then let us know what you think about the turtleneck.

Just FYI, from a real estate perspective this still only counts as one bathroom.

One horrible, horrible bathroom.

So, do you think someone purposely manufactured more than one of those tub-sink sets?

We’re asking for a friend (who directs horror movies).

Remember that episode of The Magic School Bus when Ms. Frizzle shrunk the kids and they all went cruising through the human body?

That’s what this bathroom reminds us of.

65. Home is where the terrible shower is

As a contractor, you pretty much have to do what you’re paid to do.

But what we’d really like to know is whether or not the person forced to install this mentioned that it was ugly as sin before they got started.

66. Can you make it look like mold?

There’s nothing wrong with this tile that a month-long course of the strongest antibiotics can’t kill.

We just hope the tub looks green because of the lighting. Or maybe it nauseaus from the infectious tile.

It’s a mountain, not a monster. We think.

But what it definitely is is a bad place to put the soap holder.

Do we even need to talk about the stairs?

68. Like this, but crooked

Even if you cock your head to the left it still looks horrible.

Maybe it’s “earthquake chic.”

There are a lot of questions to be asked here, but we’ll settle for one:

How many guys have fallen backwards trying to pee in this bathroom?

70. Funhouse, minus the fun

We want to know what people look like once they try to use these mirrors to touch up their lipstick.

Or do you think everyone just has to keep their eyes shut in this guest bathroom?

We love when someone is bold enough to use pink and red.

The tile really contributes to the whole “what ring of Hell is this?” vibe.

C’mon, this was the PERFECT opportunity to add one of those horrible ruffled toilet skirts!

It’s like they’re barely trying to create the worst bathroom ever.

73. Flipper thinks you have terrible taste

He’s smiling on the outside, but on the inside, he’s begging to be set free from this bathroom.

He really can’t handle one more naked body.

The see-through toilet seat strikes again, but this time instead of cash or butterflies it looks like someone barfed a bunch of Goldschlager all over it.

Which one is your favorite? (Scroll back to the begging when you’re done to recall the first two monstrosities.)

Forget the porcelain throne, we’ll do you one better!

Who dares enter the lair of the world’s tackiest pooper?!

Guards, seize them and make them stay in here forever as punishment!

If you felt inspired by any of these photos, please step away from Home Depot and call a professional.

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