80 Ways To Decorate A Small Kitchen

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Colin Price - Shutterfly

Roll out a rug that pops and you’ll have a decorated kitchen in a single purchase.

Photo by: Colin Price

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Beautiful Mess - Shutterfly

Store cooking ingredients in matching jars on open shelves for cute décor and easy access.

Photo by: A Beautiful Mess

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ioanna Roufopoulou - Shutterfly

When storage space is scarce, hang wire racks to hold your kitchen goods. Bonus: they’re also a great place to hang dried spices.

Photo by: Ioanna Roufopoulou

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Home Stories A to Z - Shutterfly

Why hide your beautiful dishes? Remove cupboard doors to display decorative plates and glassware.

Photo by: Home Stories A to Z

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Anna Harris - Shutterfly

Who said dishes had to come in a set? Mix and match unique colors and patterns and display your finds on open shelves.

Photo by: Anna Harris

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Susan Gunyou - Shutterfly

A cozy kitchen doesn’t need décor when it has a gorgeous reclaimed wood accent wall.

Photo by: Susan Gunyou

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Danae Horst - Shutterfly

These dark jade tiles contrast beautifully with the copper utensils and white cabinets.

Photo by: Danae Horst

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Just a Girl and Her Blog - Shutterfly

When storing supplies on the counters, place them on platters and cake stands to create a contained, cleaner look.

Photo by: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Alyssa Rosenheck - Shutterfly

A small kitchen means little room for décor so be bold with paint colors to make your cabinets pop.

Photo by: Alyssa Rosenheck

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Centsational Girl - Shutterfly

In a small space, less is often more and a few small, simple pieces can be just what your kitchen needed.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tessa Neustadt - Shutterfly

A little paint goes a long way when you use a bold blue to contrast with white fixtures and furniture.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Celeste Noche - Shutterfly

Add character and make your kitchen feel more like home with a cozy, colorful rug.

Photo by: Celeste Noche

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Pinch of Yum - Shutterfly

Ditch the original packaging and use glass jars to store and display spices and ingredients for a cohesive appearance.

Photo by: Pinch of Yum

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Jenna Sue Design Co. - Shutterfly

Floating shelves serve fashion and function. Display a dish that color coordinates with the rest of the kitchen to tie everything together.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design Co.

Kitchen Decoration Idea by From the Nato's - Shutterfly

Find dishes of the same color family to display as an accent color and bring life to a bland kitchen.

Photo by: From the Nato’s

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Couple Cooks - Shutterfly

The blue mason jars in this kitchen are an inexpensive way to incorporate beautiful color into a neutral kitchen.

Photo by: A Couple Cooks

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Max Burlhalter - Shutterfly

Keep up with the seasons by displaying freshly cut flowers from your garden or a small pumpkin in the fall.

Photo by: Max Burlhalter

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Jasmine Star - Shutterfly

Decorate your kitchen with original, handmade furniture that tells a story while providing a comfortable place to sit.

Photo by: Jasmine Star

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Calypso in the Country - Shutterfly

Play around with light fixtures, which can completely change the vibe of your kitchen. Plus, you can swap them out at any time!

Photo by: Calypso in the Country

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tobi Fairley - Shutterfly

Something as simple as decorative curtains can bring vibrant life to a plain kitchen. Color coordinate by adding other matching pieces.

Photo by: Tobi Fairley

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Helen Norman - Shutterfly

Combine various framed art pieces and décor to create a gallery wall on an otherwise blank canvas.

Photo by: Helen Norman

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Nina Holst - Shutterfly

Empower your small kitchen with bold, dark paint. You’ll enjoy the pop of bright colors the next time you chop fresh vegetables.

Photo by: Nina Holst

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Home for Design - Shutterfly

Several small pieces can add up to the visual appeal of one large piece. Mix and match abstract art, trinkets, and flower vases.

Photo by: A Home for Design

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Stephanie Kraus Designs - Shutterfly

If your small kitchen doesn’t have much space for décor, curtains with prints and patterns serve both fashion and function.

Photo by: Stephanie Kraus Designs

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Creatively Living Blog - Shutterfly

Use chalkboard paint to allow for creative doodling and original artwork by your kids that can continuously evolve.

Photo by: Creatively Living Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Vintage Whites Market - Shutterfly

Get hands-on and build a small table to serve as a kitchen island that will provide a little extra counter space.

Photo by: The Vintage Whites Market

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Leslee Mitchell - Shutterfly

Simple, abstract art is a great way to add an interesting visual without overpowering a small kitchen space.

Photo by: Leslee Mitchell

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Dustin Peck Photography - Shutterfly

Get back to the basics by decorating your kitchen with a bowl of fruit. It provides natural color as well a tasty snack.

Photo by: Dustin Peck Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by 320 Sycamore - Shutterfly

Collect antique milk glass pieces to display on a shelf. White goes with any color so you can be sure it will match with your kitchen.

Photo by: 320 Sycamore

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ever & Anon - Shutterfly

Place picture frames and art in the corners to evenly distribute decorations and bookend your cooking space.

Photo by: Ever & Anon

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Artsy Chicks Rule - Shutterfly

There’s no rule that says your kitchen has to be painted all the same color. Choose a fun accent color to paint your island.

Photo by: Artsy Chicks Rule

Kitchen Decoration Idea by BeachBrights - Shutterfly

Plants are a great way to decorate since they come in all sizes. Add a few decorative plants to your windowsill.

Photo by: BeachBrights

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ben Elsass Photography - Shutterfly

If you’re out of decorating ideas for a small kitchen, stick with a few small pieces. The less clutter, the larger your kitchen will seem.

Photo by: Ben Elsass Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Pepper Design Blog - Shutterfly

You can upgrade the appearance of your small kitchen with a home project like this green subway tile backsplash.

Photo by: Pepper Design Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Finding Home Farms - Shutterfly

Every inch counts in a small kitchen, so use the space above the cupboards for displaying your kitchen decorations.

Photo by: Finding Home Farms

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Old Things New - Shutterfly

Add the illusion of extra space to your small kitchen by hanging a decorative mirror.

Photo by: Old Things New

Kitchen Decoration Idea by On the V Side - Shutterfly

Painting your kitchen cabinets all white creates a blank canvas for you to incorporate any color and type of décor you desire.

Photo by: On the V Side

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Domestic Imperfection - Shutterfly

When you can’t decide on a color scheme, primary colors are a great way to decorate your kitchen. Incorporate hints of red, blue, and yellow throughout.

Photo by: Domestic Imperfection

Kitchen Decoration Idea by On Bliss Street - Shutterfly

For a rustic look, use vintage baskets in place of a fruit bowl. You can paint them to match or leave them in their antique state.

Photo by: On Bliss Street

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Emerald & Oak - Shutterfly

Often times, less is more when it comes to small kitchen decoration. Search for the perfect light fixture to serve as the focal point.

Photo by: Emerald & Oak

Kitchen Decoration Idea by It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life - Shutterfly

Dishes don’t have to be reserved just for eating. Display decorative plates on the walls for easy kitchen decorating.

Photo by: It’s a Wannabe Decorator’s Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Montana Prairie Tales - Shutterfly

Looking for a simple DIY kitchen decorating idea? Place some flowers in a vase to set on a shelf or counter.

Photo by: The Prairie Homestead

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Prairie Homestead - Shutterfly

A decorative spice rack makes cooking ingredients readily available while adding to your kitchen’s look.

Photo by: The Prairie Homestead

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Old Painted Cottage - Shutterfly

Hang a large black and white art piece on the wall for an interesting, yet modest focal point.

Photo by: The Old Painted Cottage

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Cottage Instincts - Shutterfly

If you’re not big into decorations, make your kitchen look new with a fresh coat of paint using contrasting colors for the upper and lower cabinets.

Photo by: Cottage Instincts

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Prairie Charm - Shutterfly

Every day is a picnic in your small kitchen with a red and white checkered backsplash.

Photo by: Prairie Charm

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Bethany Menzel - Shutterfly

Play with colors in a small kitchen, like how this sweet space brightens the room with fresh mint countertops.

Photo by: Bethany Menzel

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Ugly Duckling House - Shutterfly

Coordinate curtains and dishtowels with your paint colors like in this timeless black and white kitchen.

Photo by: The Ugly Duckling House

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Grit and Polish - Shutterfly

Add some pizzazz to your small kitchen with a unique light fixture or funky chandelier.

Photo by: The Grit and Polish

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Akin Design Studio - Shutterfly

Industrial style metal barstools will add a hint of rustic style to a contemporary kitchen.

Photo by: Akin Design Studio

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Cook Republic - Shutterfly

Industrial light fixtures and hanging Edison bulbs induce a powerful kitchen vibe for the serious chef.

Photo by: Cook Republic

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Yellow Cape Cod - Shutterfly

Plants and greenery, whether real or artificial will add subtle pops of natural color to your cooking space.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Design Dump - Shutterfly

Open up your small kitchen space by adding an interior window so you can enjoy the company of those in the next room while you cook.

Photo by: Design Dump

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Sabbe Interior Design - Shutterfly

Look up! Your ceiling is the perfect blank canvas to take your kitchen’s style up a notch with decorative ceiling tiles.

Photo by: Sabbe Interior Design

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Live The Home Life - Shutterfly

Store your baking ingredients and other dry goods in white porcelain jars, which are classic and timeless.

Photo by: Live The Home Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Brooklyn Limestone - Shutterfly

Need to add color to a neutral kitchen? Get the job done in one purchase with colorful chairs or stools.

Photo by: Brooklyn Limestone

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Anne Sage - Shutterfly

Decorate your small kitchen with color and pattern by rolling out a beautiful rug. Bonus: your toes will be cozy while you cook!

Photo by: Anne Sage

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ugmonk - Shutterfly

This kitchen achieves the modern look with contrasting black and white paint, funky wire chairs, and a unique, artsy centerpiece.

Photo by: Ugmonk

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Sofia Clara - Shutterfly

When your kitchen has limited counters, make more space by adding standalone units. Consider getting hands-on with a DIY project!

Photo by: Sofia Clara

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Fresh Mommy Blog - Shutterfly

Get crafty by building your own kitchen island and use your favorite paint color to add your own flair.

Photo by: Fresh Mommy Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tori Aston - Shutterfly

Dark wood shelves contrast beautifully against white subway tile and make a great place to store and display your dishes.

Photo by: Tori Aston

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC - Shutterfly

With an artistic backsplash comprised of stylish tiles, you won’t need to worry about paintings and extravagant decorations.

Photo by: Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Photography Peter Rymwid - Shutterfly

A kitchen decorated with fresh colors is bound to inspire freshly cooked meals. Combine soft yellows and greens for a cheery atmosphere.

Photo by: Photography Peter Rymwid

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Re-Made Just Right - Shutterfly

Repurpose an old table to serve as a kitchen island and add a vintage, rustic look.

Photo by: Re-Made Just Right

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Beyond The Picket Fence - Shutterfly

Even small kitchens deserve islands. Add your own personal touch to a homemade island with dry-brushed paint and added hooks.

Photo by: Beyond The Picket Fence

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Therese Winberg - Shutterfly

Install a rod and purchase s-hooks for an easy and decorative way to hang utensils.

Photo by: Therese Winberg

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Armelle Habib - Shutterfly

One of the best small kitchen decorating ideas is to coordinate matching colored smaller pieces throughout the space to create visual flow.

Photo by: Armelle Habib

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Larnie Nicolson - Shutterfly

Don’t be afraid to be bold with colors and shapes, which will keep you inspired to try new things in the kitchen.

Photo by: Larnie Nicolson

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Mark Lohman - Shutterfly

When you’ve chosen a boldly colored appliance, use contrasting colors for the rest of your small kitchen decorations to create visual balance.

Photo by: Mark Lohman

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Julia Brenner - Shutterfly

This cozy, colorful rug adds warmth to this kitchen’s cool floors and matches well with the blue cabinets.

Photo by: Julia Brenner

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ali Marie Photography - Shutterfly

One simple kitchen decorating idea is to dedicate a shelf to display your collection of mixed unique mugs.

Photo by: Ali Marie Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Elissa Crowe - Shutterfly

Add a little rustic charm to your tiny kitchen with mason jars which double as drinking glasses.

Photo by: Elissa Crowe

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Up to Date Interiors - Shutterfly

Drawers and cabinets don’t necessarily need to be one solid color. Add a little flavor to your small kitchen design with patterns and prints.

Photo by: Up to Date Interiors

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ivory Lane - Shutterfly

Throw color palettes out the window and simply display your collection of cookbooks on the shelf to add plenty of color.

Photo by: Ivory Lane

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Young House Love - Shutterfly

Carefully orchestrate the colors of your kitchen design like in this example where yellow, blue and green subtly pop against a white base color.

Photo by: Young House Love

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

No home office? Utilize every countertop as a workspace—including your kitchen!

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Mismatched plates and dinnerware double as interesting conversation pieces.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Keep a decorative tray nearby for some function and fashion in the kitchen.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Decorate with placemats and creative plates so any meal doubles as art.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

To open up a smaller space, consider using bright colors in your kitchen. These white cabinets paired with a light gray countertop not only makes the kitchen look larger, but also creates an organized, clean look.

Photo by: Satori Design for Living

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

If you’re working with a small space, consider contrasting the cabinetry. This black and white kitchen is balanced perfectly which creates a sleek, clean look.

Photo by: Mountain Modern Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

When choosing a color for your cabinets, opt for white. It creates a clean and open space.

Photo by: The Glamorous Gal

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Liven up your kitchen by decorating with your favorite plants! It’s a simple addition to bring in vibrant color.

Photo by: Asian Family Recipes

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Lacking space? Add a few shelves and decorate with colorful dishes that stand out.

Photo by: TEM Photography

Source: Creekwoodhill

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Using white as a backdrop, pair with wood accents and a textile rug for a modern kitchen.

Photo by: Domestic Blonde

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

If you’re not a fan of painting, use marble backsplash and wallpaper to give your walls a new look.

Photo by: Pink Little Notebook

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Nothing says home like a cottage vibe. You can accomplish this look by combining different wood textures.

Photo by: Aimee Weaver Designs

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Is bread a staple in your house? If so, make it a part of your kitchen decor by creating a bread station.

Photo by: Abbots At Home

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Using glass for your cabinet doors is a unique way to display everything. It also keeps you organized!

Photo by: The Rustic Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Going for a modern design? Use gray and white as your base and splash fun pops of color in.

Photo by: Cuddlepill

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

If you have the opportunity to let natural light pour in, do it! It’s an easy way to brighten up your kitchen.

Photo by: Faithful With the Little

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