February 28, 2024

You hear people talking about them all the time. The infamous ‘dummy cameras’ that are supposed to make your business or home suddenly invulnerable to crime. The problem with this logic is that it isn’t entirely correct. Cameras do not deter crime, the fear of getting caught does. Unfortunately for home and business owners that are relying on dummy cameras for security is that there is nothing with which to identify these invaders if they are caught because the camera that was supposed to be providing security was a fake.

The thing to remember is that cameras in and of themselves are not really crime deterrents. They are not preventative measures at all. Cameras only work to identify those who have already committed the crime rather than frighten off those who may commit the crimes. The only cameras that are effective at catching someone in the act are those that are monitored on the premises with adequate security to not only monitor the cameras but also apprehend the perpetrators. Dummy cameras do not provide any of these services, which renders them fairly useless all around.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many would be criminals could honestly care less if there are cameras and even less so whether or not the cameras are real or fake. Criminals are well aware that by removing identifying clothing and never looking directly at the cameras there is little that can be captured that will identify them (even if they are real). They also are fairly certain that even if the cameras are monitored there is often quite a bit of time between the crime being captured and the authorities being notified and then arriving. In fact, that is what the average criminal is banking on-the fact that the police are often slow to arrive. Cameras, real or fake, have little to do with crime prevention and more to do with identifying the perpetrators, fake cameras simply cannot assist with that.

If you are considering a dummy camera or a few dummy cameras for the security of your home and business you would do well to consider the cost of the cameras and installation (if necessary) compared to the cost of having a viable security system that is monitored. You are likely to find that price difference in the initial equipment (especially when you consider that many security monitoring services offer the equipment free of charge) is negligible when compared to the security it provides for your home or business and the peace of mind it provides you as the home or business owner.

That being said, there are some fairly convincing fake cameras on the market and they may actually deter those who would commit crimes of convenience rather than those who carefully plan the crimes they are preparing to commit. The problem is that you will never really know as there is no way to really judge the success of these units unless your business was consistently loosing money until these cameras began appearing. More likely than not, the only crimes these fake cameras will prevent are small ‘petty thefts’ like kids stealing bubble gum and such. Save your money and invest it into a monitored security system for your home or business to pay for the monthly monitoring rather than dummy cameras that have very little real effect.