June 19, 2024

security guard

There are many ways in which a home or business can revamp or overhaul its security protocols. One of these methods is by availing itself of the services of a private security service. Private security was once something that was reserved for larger companies or the fabulously wealthy. Both of which many of us are not. Today, however, private security has an entirely different meaning than it has had in days past.

security guard

A private security firm for most homes and businesses is simply a service that monitors and responds to reports of problems rather than live guards who actually monitor and secure the property onsite. Most private security firms have employees in a centralized location that monitor video cameras, alarm systems, and combinations of the two from a centralized location and respond to emergencies and potential problems according to the protocols included in the service agreement drawn up and the specifications and desires of the home and/or business owner in any given situation.

These private security firms often monitor several homes and alarm systems simultaneously so the level of care and monitoring is not as dedicated as it would be with onsite security staff but the costs involved, since you’re essentially sharing the service with other homes and businesses is greatly reduced over what you would pay for private onsite security. There are many differences in these two types of security that should be pointed out.

Onsite private security services actually secure the property. They insure that everything is nice and tightly locked up and secure from trespass and invasion. They will monitor who enters and leaves the property and in some states may even carry arms while performing their duties in order to insure an added layer of protection. When you hire an onsite security service you have the ultimate say so in who is employed by you and are fully aware of any criminal past (as you would likely perform a complete background check) they may have. You will pay more for this type of service but depending on the needs of your family or business, which is often a price well worth paying, particularly if you feel your company or family is at risk for some unknown reason.

The typical private security firms that service multiple home and business security accounts hires workers that are willing to work for lower wages and as a result often have questionable pasts. Unfortunately you will not get the ultimate say over who responds to your calls or monitors your home. Most of these companies have limited staff that is stretched fairly thin in addition to fairly high turnover rates. You must be willing to accept the personnel they send or risk paying the higher price of having police respond to potential false alarms. For some people this is a risk not worth taking while others are perfectly willing to accept the potential risk for the probably security.

Carefully consider the differences above when making your final decision as to whether or not a private security firm is the best decision for the security needs of your home or business. Regardless of the choice you make, having someone watch over your home or business when you aren’t around to do it, is a priceless luxury that has recently become more affordable even for the average household or small business when it comes to security.