July 17, 2024

There are many things that families and businesses do in order to secure their property across the country and around the world. One measure that is often taken in the name of security is the addition of security bars to doors and windows. Despite the inherent benefits of securing property, these bars often run the risks of endangering the people inside for whom the real home or business security is often sought.

One thing remains true, many invaders will keep moving rather than attempt entry into a home that has security bars on doors and windows. Home invasion is almost the only security that these bars provides however and for many, the risks involved in having these bars on windows is not at all worth the small measure of protection that is provided. In other words, the good of these bars is greatly out measured by the negatives of these bars when it comes to insuring the safety of family members or employees inside these buildings.

Many people do not purchase new security bars but rather rely on the same bars that have covered the windows of the home or business for many years. Some of these are rusted and nearly impossible to remove when there is plenty of time and effort available in which to remove them. In emergency situations, every second matters and these bars can be the very things that trap people inside a burning or flooding building holding them hostage to the perils inside the home or business rather than protecting them from the dangers on the outside.

Security bars are no longer the cheap alternative to traditional alarm systems and monitoring services that they were touted to be in the past. They are in fact, more often than not a greater risk than they are a benefit to business and homeowners. Many larger companies offer free installation of alarm systems and alarms as well as monthly monitoring services at more than reasonable rates. More importantly not only are these monitoring services available for invasions or intrusions but also for fire and smoke as well as panic button services.

While security bars may have had a time and place, they have been replaced by something that is much more effective at preventing and deterring criminals as well as something that provides a greater degree of protection for the most precious assets of any home or business-the people inside. The costs involved in monthly monitoring for some seems great but most will find that the value this service provides if and when it is ever needed is well worth every penny.

Options to burglar bars that are not terribly costly include planting thorny bushes below windows and keeping them trimmed back just enough that they do not block a view of the windows. Most intruders do not want a complicated process and they certainly do not want to be injured during the process by prickly plants. Lighting is another option that is essentially less expensive in many cases than it would be to install burglar bars. Intruders do not want to be seen. If the area surrounding your home and business is well lit it will serve as a deterrent. Explore options such as this before resorting to security bars.

To answer the question of whether or not security bars are worth the risks for home or business protection the answer would be a resounding “No!” While we are all well aware that prevention is the best cure when it comes to crime, there are times when certain preventative measures provide far greater risks than potential security and those are risks that shouldn’t be worth taking to the average home or business owner. There are other preventative measures that can be taken in order to deter intruders that pose far less risk to family members and employees. These options should be incorporated rather than those that pose additional risks to those you should be taking every possible precaution in order to protect.