July 17, 2024

Security is one of the most important things in life in the world of today. Not only do we seek to protect our families but also (as business owners) our employees from unnecessary disruptions in daily lives and exposures to risk. For this reason it is important that we eliminate potential security risks in order to protect all whom we hold near and dear.

A proper security system for our homes and businesses is often a good start. There are many reasons why this is important and several reasons in which this could work for the overall good of the family and the working environment. First of all, in a family situation there need to be individual alarm codes that are changed on a regular basis (preferably whenever a teen changes boy/girlfriends or has a falling out with best friends in order to insure maximum safety). In a business setting keycards work well in order to insure that each employee has an identifying and unique code. Many instances of misconduct, theft, and property damage done to businesses each year is the result of disgruntled employees rather than outsiders.

Another thing that homes and businesses need to keep in mind is that a dark building or home is an invitation to those who would invade. Darkness is the friend of those who would like to enter unseen and unnoticed. Make a practice of leaving some sort of lights on in the interior of the home or business in order to allow passersby to see inside. If this is a habit policeman driving by will be more likely to notice that it is out of the ordinary for the lights to be off as well as having lights on allows them to see inside for potential prowlers or misconduct.

Do not allow shrubbery or small trees to obstruct the view of the windows from the road. This is where intruders prefer to make their entrances. If nosey neighbors and prying eyes have a clear line of sight to these windows it is less likely that intruders will find them to be attractive points of entry. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have bushes or small trees near your home just keep them adequately trimmed so that they are not blocking the windows or other potential entry points to your home or business.

Do not allow tools to be left lying around that offer intruders the means by which to invade your home or business. Ladders and pry bars should never be left out in the open as they will imply invitation to those who may not have otherwise noticed your property as a potential target. Most home invasions are matters of opportunity more than anything else. Do not provide them with the perfect opportunity.

Lighting is another deterrent for potential intruders. Install plenty of lighting around the exterior of your home or business. Motion sensor lighting is an excellent choice for this as it isn’t always on but will draw attention when it comes on. Solar lighting just below the windows surrounding your home or business also provides some added degree of security without incurring additional electricity bills.

For businesses that have an open front door policy in order for clients to walk in, install chimes or doorbells that allow staff to be aware that people have either entered the building or left the building. The chimes usually alert the staff and encourage eye contact as well as the ability to identify those who would attack and/or invade. It also makes staff more aware of if or when those who entered have left (minimizing the risk of locking intruders in the building unaware).

Little things make a big difference when it comes to security for your home or business. Take some or all of the steps mentioned above and apply them to your home and business. They will not only make your family, employees, and property safer but will in many cases help them feel more secure as well.