Bathroom Basics: Stocking Your First Home

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While the bathroom may be the least glamorous and most intimate room of the home, it is one that you are guaranteed to use with regularity (pun intended). Moreover, your guests will use it. So, make sure you have it well-stocked with the bathroom basics as soon as you move into your new pad.

15 essentials for your new bathroom (or water closet, loo, toilet, rest room, powder room)

1. Shower curtain and liner. If your shower or tub is unsightly, go with an opaque curtain that moves easily for quick concealment. If your shower is somewhat presentable, consider a sheer curtain to let some light into the shower stall. Here’s a fun tip: Medical supply sources have long been a well-kept secret source for affordable shower curtain tracks. Look here for some fun graphic shower curtains and here for neutral options.

2. Toothbrush holder. Check out these 12 fun ideas. For those of you who use a bulky electric toothbrush, look for more accommodating holders like this Orvino one at Umbra.

3. Trash can. Can go simple or funky.
Our trash can is a small open one but lately I am thinking it would be nice to have one with a flip cover to hide the gross bathroom waste.

4. Durable bath mat. These should be sturdy but plush. If your floor is unattractive, get a big bath mat or several small mats. Here are some ideas.

5. Green cleaning supplies.

6. Innovative storage solutions. Look beyond the bath stores and consider bedside tables, mini book shelves and etageres with baskets for extra storage. And don’t forget the space behind the toilet! Look here for more storage ideas.

7. Over-the-door hooks or funky wall hooks.

8. Bath towels. I am a fan of plain white bath towels because they never fade, look outdated and they match everything.

9. Good nice-smelling soap.

10. Good lighting: If you can’t put in your own lighting, adjust the bulbs to get the softest, most-forgiving glow possible. And look here for some reader tips on dealing with poor lighting in a rental unit.

11. A nice mirror. I love the ones from Wisteria and Restoration Hardware. If you are a homeowner, consider installing a mirrored cabinet set into the wall for extra storage. For inspiration, look here and here for some cheap but good options:

12. Hand towels. You can get creative with these. Install a looped towel hook so guests know to use the hand towel and not your bath towel! Or if you don’t want to drill into the walls, use a freestanding towel stand.

13. Cleaning wipes for quick clean-up.

14. A wire basket of rolled up hand towels and extra toilet paper for company or guest to use.

15. Plunger and toilet bowl cleaner, both in storage caddy or container. These should be tucked behind the toilet or under the sink for use by an embarrassed, panicking guest.

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