Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery 2019

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Instead of patterned wallpaper, try freehanding a simple pattern for a playful bathroom design.

Photo by: Mix & Match

Flowers don’t have to make a bathroom feel messy. Try this elegant take by using just a few sprigs.

Photo by: 12 Oaks Blog

Instead of tile, next time consider a concrete or stone sink.

Photo by: 4 Men 1 Lady

Have a dark bathroom? Brighten it up with accent pieces like the yellow accessories in this dark navy bathroom.

Photo by: Addicted 2 Decorating

If you’re looking for small bathroom storage ideas, try turning hidden areas into shelf space, like under the sink or above the toilet.

Photo by: Beneath My Heart

If you love the look of wood, but fear the staining effects of hard water, opt for elegant faux wood flooring like linoleum.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

For bathroom cabinet ideas, look no further than this elegant design. Opt for tall cabinets to split up a Jack and Jill sink.

Photo by: Creekline House

Wood panels aren’t just for the floor. Try it on your bathroom walls for a spa like effect.

Photo by: Financial Samurai

When searching for shower tiles, opt for a shade that matches your floors for a look that continues seamlessly.

Photo by: Hello Splendid

This simple black and white bathroom get a small pop of color from its framed photo.

Photo by: Home with Baxter

The olive walls in this bathroom are a unique departure from the majority of soft blue and grey rooms.

Photo by: Houseography

This small bathroom makes the clawfoot tub the star.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

This symmetrical bathroom will put any stresses at ease.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

If the space above your vanity doesn’t get enough natural light, move your mirror somewhere else for a more flattering view.

Photo by: Inspired by Charm

Can’t decide on tile? Try this bathroom tile idea—pick one dominate design and one accent option.

Photo by: Lemon Thistle

If your toilet is in a small nook, make it more interesting by adding shelving spaces and indoor plants.

Photo by: Little Green Notebook

You don’t have to break the bank to get marble countertops. Shop for marble alternatives like quartz or granite.

Photo by: Maison De Pax

Instead of one large mirror for the bathroom, try incorporating two. One for a full body view and one for close ups.

Photo by: One Week Bath

Bring some much needed freshness to your bathroom with a small herb garden.

Photo by: Our Fifth House

If you can’t choose between tile, paint, or molding, take a tip from this bathroom that uses it all without clashing.

Photo by: Provident Home Design

Via: Freshome

A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that big mirror. Let it be the showpiece in your room.

Photo by: Rain on a Tin Roof

Welcome to the shower of your dreams. The built in shelves keep this shower space clean and uncluttered.

Photo by: This Photographers Life

Play with patterns in every part of your bathroom—from the walls to the shower curtains.

Photo by: Live Love DIY

Try a standalone bowl for a sink as an unexpected twist and to free up counter space.

Photo by: Beautiful Matters

We love the balance of bathroom color ideas in this playful space. If you want a colorful room without all the paint debates, find a brightly patterned tile instead.

Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

Nothing beats a clawfoot tub. Except perhaps Tuscan villa inspired tile.

Photo by: Emma Lee

Via: Remodelista

This is full of bathroom decorating ideas. From graphic wallpaper to bold prints to small florals—take your pick for a dynamic bathroom.

Photo by: Erin Gates Design

Area rugs don’t have to stay in the living room. Bring one in the bathroom for an added coziness.

Photo by: K Welch

If you’re lucky enough to score a vintage mirror find, keep it the focal point as a conversation piece.

Photo by: Made By Girl

Can’t come to a compromise on your bathroom tile? Pair a vibrant pattern with a neutral and you won’t have to choose.

Photo by: Meghan Plowman

Via: House Nerd

If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling ideas, try updating your artwork first as an option that’s easy on your wallet.

Photo by: MLH Designs

Instead of trying to fit one giant countertop, try finding two smaller sinks for a sweet his and hers design.

Photo by: The Greenwich Hotel

Via: My Domaine

Everything from the metal ceiling to the marquee lights bring interest and intrigue to this warehouse style bathroom.

Photo by: Wright Built

Via: Home Design Lover

The floating sink in this modern bathroom is just one of our favorite pieces.

Photo by: Bodie and Fou

Instead of facing the wall, try utilizing shower walls as the backdrop for your vanity.

Photo by: Cardello Architects

Glass showers really open up the small space, making this bathroom seem larger.

Photo by: Carla Aston

The clean white-tiled walls look great with this modern shower. Even though it is a smaller space, the lack of shower curtain helps open up the room.

Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

The double sinks are a great addition to a larger bathroom like this, and the tiny, off-white tile gives it a very sophisticated look.

Photo by: Christopher Stark Photo

A golden shower head and matching door handle provide an added sense of luxury to this small space.

Photo by: Erin Gates Design

This unique bathroom tile idea brings the ocean right into the tub while you bathe in the sunset.

Photo by: Jeri Koegel

Via: Decoist

The shower tile in this bathroom aligns with the unique overhead light in the bedroom, sharing geometric ideas.

Photo by: Joe Schmelzer

Via: My Domaine

Within this white shower is a stripe of blue tile that is a great match with the blue painting sitting above the tub.

Photo by: Molly Frey Design

Foregoing glass dividers and shower curtains, this extremely minimalist bathroom leaves nowhere to hide.

Photo by: Stringdahl Design

Via: Home Adore

This modern tub sits alone in the corner alongside the sloping walls of this minimalist bathroom.

Photo by: Stringdahl Design

Via: Home Adore

This large bathroom embraces the outdoors with large windows, stone floor tile, and indoor plants.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

Via: Style Estate

Building shelves above the toilet is a great storage idea for a small bathroom and a great use of space.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

Via: Freshome

This larger bathroom combines light, aged wood planks, painted white brick, and tan stone tiles below for the ultimate rustic look.

Photo by: Adrydog

Via: Decoist

Antlers overhead, exotic rug below and a view of snow outdoors make this bathroom truly rustic.

Photo by: Big D Signature

Via: Decoist

Although this bathroom is small, the ceilings are high, and by drawing the eye upwards with long shower curtains, it accentuates the height.

Photo by: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Via: Freshome

The light turquoise flooring is a great compliment to the brownish orange wall pattern in this small bathroom.

Photo by: Jules Duffy

Via: Freshome

This lone tub in the middle of the room is a true statement, and a great way to draw the eye to the great view of the outdoors.

Photo by: Knudson Interiors

Via: Decoist

The countertop and large built-in sink are truly one of a kind in this rustic bathroom.

Photo by: Locati

Via: Home Design Lover

One great bathroom tile idea is to have plain white tiled walls, and contrast that with rich, exotic-patterned tile on the floor.

Photo by: Meghan Plowman

Via: House Nerd

This bathroom has some great color ideas, matching the white of the tubs with the light baby blue walls to give the room a nice calm feel.

Photo by: My Sweet Cottage

Via: Remodelaholic

The knobs and handles on the cabinets in this bathroom give it some real character.

Photo by: Our Fifth House

For smaller bathrooms, one long mirror like this helps make the room look a bit larger.

Photo by: Studio D

Via: Home Design Lover

A neat, rustic decor idea for a bathroom is to add an animal skull, like this deer above the toilet.

Photo by: The Pink Tumbleweed

These unique sinks give this bathroom some great character. The open area below is a great bathroom storage idea for smaller rooms.

Photo by: The Space Between Blog

In place of bathroom tile, this heavy stone fits great, especially if you have a fireplace in your bathroom.

Photo by: High Camp Home

Via: Home Design Lover

This rustic look is achieved by combining dark and light stone with wooden elements. The shower also has great windows.

Photo by: MTN Design

Via: Decoist

Floor to ceiling mirrors make any space look larger. Combine that with a glass shower and your bathroom will look endless.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

This sleek, modern bathroom look is achieved by striping away all excess decoration, and letting the colors set the mood.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

This chrome tub and mirror frame add an extra layer of reflectivity in a bathroom with an already large mirror.

Photo by: Hamilton Gray Design

This fun, beachy bathroom decor uses three main colors, white, blue, and tan—the essential ingredients for a beach theme.

Photo by: Hamilton Gray Design

The bold, marble tub is the true focal point of this bathroom. A great way to draw attention is by adding a large overhead lamp like this.

Photo by: Lindsay Newport/LCN Interiors

These interesting all-black cabinets follow the theme throughout with black framed mirrors and black rugs.

Photo by: One Week Bath

This bathroom tile idea is unique in that it continues through, even after the separation in the room where the shower starts.

Photo by: One Week Bath

We love the shapes of these unique mirrors, they provide an added element of movement and elegance.

Photo by: Scout and Nimble

This hanging lamp is an amazing way to draw attention to a uniquely designed, modern tub.

Photo by: Scout and Nimble

When coming up with bathroom decor ideas, try to think out of the box. This bathroom features a beautiful photo of a horse.

Photo by: Sparkling Footsteps

A great way to create movement and fluidity in the room is with this curving bathroom tile idea.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

Instead of standard doors, this bathroom employs some amazing shoji style doors to give the room a very exotic look.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

A great idea for bathroom tile is to think small and choose monochromatic colors like this bathroom.

Photo by: Union Studio

This very interesting bathroom design has a wooden tub and chicken wire safety glass for a truly unique look.

Photo by: Union Studio

A large bathroom draws attention to the tub with a great globe lamp hanging overhead.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

A great storage idea for a bathroom, large or small, is to use a stacking washer and dryer.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

A great bathroom color idea is to coordinate blues like this bathroom has. Everything from the walls to the tile in the shower is monochromatic.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

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