Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg | Bathroom Remodel Winnipeg

Countertop installation

New countertops installations in the bathroom create a more inspiring and inviting space. We provide quality countertop installation service depending on your preferences. Our team can install solid surface, quartz, and granite countertops in your bathroom with different edge options and colors. Our countertop installers are professionally trained and experienced. They install new countertops without damaging the surrounding areas. We complete the installation job and leave the work area clean so that you can start enjoying the new look of the bathroom immediately.

flooring Installation

When doing bathroom renovations on a budget, you might overlook the need for flooring renovation. However, new flooring installation can transform the overall look of your bathroom. We provide flooring that is designed to suit the style of your home and gratify your preferences. We install stain resistant and carpets that add great value with their full-feeling and luxurious styles. We install highly durable flooring like tile and even in floor heating that is ideal for this active room in your home.  ​

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