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A bathroom suite builds the foundations for your entire bathroom, helping create a functional and stylish space, with a unified design. Picking a bathroom suite can be a difficult process and there are a few practical considerations that should be taken into account. First things first, it is important to know the size and measurements of your bathroom, so you can pick a suite that will comfortably fit in your room. Bathroom Takeaway stocks a wide range of affordable bathroom suites, in a variety of styles to really build the character of your bathroom.

Toilet And Basin Suites

If you are redesigning a cloakroom, you will most likely be looking for a small bathroom suite, such as a toilet and sink set, whereas in a master bathroom, your preferences may change and you may be looking for a larger bathroom suite. Once you have decided on the size of your bathroom suite you can start to think about the style, functionality and the components.

Shower Room Suites

Another great option for customers who are worried about space and don’t necessarily require a bathtub, is our range of shower room suites. The space you save having a shower enclosure instead of a bath will allow room for other necessities, such as bathroom furniture, helping to keep your space free of clutter. Complete with glass shower screens to protect the rest of your bathroom suite, our range of shower enclosure suites are available in various sizes and styles to perfectly fit with the character of your bathroom. The shower enclosure perfectly complements the matching toilet and basin, to provide a cohesive style throughout your room.

Shower Bath Suites

For those who would like the best of both worlds, our shower bath suites are one of the most popular types of bathroom sets. They combine the luxury of bathing with the practicality of a shower, so you don’t have to miss out. Expertly designed with style in mind, you are sure to find a shower bath suite to perfectly fit your needs. Perfect for a busy family bathroom, they are available in a range of sizes and as either an L or P shaped bath. The combination shower bath also comes with an easy-clean glass shower screen to protect the rest of your room.

Freestanding Bathroom Suites

If space isn’t the main concern, our freestanding bathroom suites bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Choose from our wide range of traditional bathroom suites, with a timeless roll-top bath, or if you prefer more angular, sleek lines, then we have a wide range of modern freestanding bathroom suites, with a perfectly matching toilet and basin.

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