Beautiful, colorful wisteria vine can cover up some landscape flaws

Back when I worked at my first job landscaping in North Ridgeville, I remember all the extra work I put into this job that I just did not do as I gained experience. I had the responsibility of coming up with and talking to the clients, measuring out the beds and the site in general. Even though my first landscaping work took time to adjust, I became more efficient — and I know that I made money for my boss. I still love the work.

One thing I remember in the backyard of one homeowner, away from where we were doing the work, there were long flowing, lilac-colored flowers falling from the branches of this seemingly questionable tree. I did not know what this was. From the time I spent in my classes I had never encountered this tree. For a few days I tried to figure out what it was. You know I looked at this tree for some time and could not figure out any tree with these long panicles flowing down from its branches. And I was right — there are no trees with long flowing flowers.