Beckett House at New Concord in New Concord, OH – Reviews, Complaints, Pricing, & Photos

Beckett House at New Concord is located at 1280 Friendship Dr in New Concord, Ohio. It is a 99 unit senior care community. With an average per-household income of $46,297, the facility is in a primarily middle class area. It is sparsely populated, with approximately 6,000 individuals living in the zip code of 43762. Located nearby are medical services, retail shopping, churches, and other local conveniences. There are 10 churches within four miles, including Hayes Thomas N, Hayes Thomas N, Adamsville United Methodist Church, and Adamsville United Methodist Church. There are 11 drug stores within 1 mile of the community. They are also located only 7.41 miles from Appalachian Behavioral Health.

Beckett House at New Concord offers both nursing home care and memory care. They can care for individuals who are primarily confined to their bed and who need to be cared for by nurses on a regular basis. Also, they can provide for individuals who are suffering from dementia and who have challenges with day-to-day activities, and who require close attention on a routine basis.

This provider features many services and amenities for residents. Health services include physical therapy, pain management, speech therapy, wound care, and psychiatric services. Also offered are off site outings, daily exercise routines, wellness and health programs, arts and crafts , and other recreational activities. Additionally, they offer multiple facility amenities including a hair salon, a convenience store, and a community dining hall.

Average monthly expenses for this facility are approximately $6,175. This is below the New Concord average cost of $6,692. While the national average cost is approximately $6,360, the State of Ohio is about $6,240 monthly.

Beckett House at New Concord has been in operation since 1999 and they are certified with Medicare and Medicaid. They received a total of 1/5 stars in the latest Medicare rating, based upon a combined measure of overall quality, personnel evaluations, and safety audits. They had no complaints reported, no payment denials, 2 fines applied for $4,160, 5 deficiencies recorded, and 2 total penalties applied during that year.

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