Best Patio Accessories | Popular Mechanics Yard & Garden Awards 2022

Best Gas Pressure Washer

MSH3125 MegaShot

If ever there was an aptly named piece of outdoor power equipment, the MegaShot is it. For the money, you get a big Honda engine with massive air cooling fins on its head (it’s one of the best engines in the business, by the way) and an equally hefty pump, complete with anodized hose fittings. And the combined action of that engine and pump produce a lot of dirt-blasting capability. No, this isn’t a commercial power washer—you’d need to spend another $1,000 to get there. But it comes about as close as you’re going to get at this price level. We used it to blast clean concrete (including removing masonry stain), dirty vinyl siding and trim, mildewed wood, outdoor furniture that could only be described as grotesque, and equally nasty vinyl fencing. While we were at it, we blasted anything else in the vicinity that looked even remotely dirty.

Our verdict: This is a productive, no-nonsense pressure washer complete with a pull rod choke and a big red on/off switch. But, hey, pull that choke, yank the recoil starter, and that big Honda roars to life in seconds. Demerits? Its hose appears to be very durable, but boy is that thing stiff. It will likely take a lot of use before it softens up a bit.