Brooklyn resident shares passion for garden education

Master Gardener Heather Lynch has a passion for helping people develop a plan for their garden and discovering the joy of raising their own food.

“It is important to me to educate people how to grow their own food because there can be such a disconnect from people understanding where their food comes from when they buy everything at the grocery store,” said Lynch of Brooklyn, Wis.

Lynch and her husband Dylan recently hosted a conservation land walk to showcase their nine-acre property which includes a variety of vegetable gardens, a diverse fruit and nut orchard, a flock of chickens and native prairie plants and grasses. The event was held in collaboration with Wisconsin Women in Conservation (WiWiC) and Green County’s Soil Sisters organization. 

WiWiC created conservation land walk events across the state for the public to explore goals that landowners can aspire to, as well as learn about how conservation practices can lead to improving water, building soil and sequestering carbon to mitigate climate change.