Change In Garden Plans & What I Ordered

Because of the circumstances we now find ourselves currently living in, I have had to alter my patio garden plans.

Yesterday I picked up the plants I ordered through Woodward Park. I told them what car I was driving and arrived at the scheduled time. Charlie and I drove up and they put the small box in the back. No contact at all.

Here is what I ordered:

Party Dress Morning Glory – I think these have pink flowers, and I rarely use pink. But that was the only color they had. So I got it.

Banana Pepper, Lemon Habanero Pepper, Lemon Mint, Lemon Grass, Cilantro, Oregano, Sage and Red Ruban Basil.

Then I placed a seed order with Swallowtail Garden Seeds. Debbie of Mountain Mama told me about them last year. It was where I ordered the zinnias I planted that had the pretty yellow-gold flowers.

Laura, my blogging friend in Atlanta who blogs at Simple & Serene Living, lives in a senior apartment and has no outdoor space to call her own.

I know you miss not having a garden space, my friend. Maybe you could order herbs and place them in front of one of your apartment windows?

It must be so difficult for people who live in apartments who don’t have an outdoor space right now. I feel for them.

Here’s what I ordered from Swallowtail Seeds.

Zahara Double Brilliant Mix Zinnias, Rush Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic Chives, Lipstick Sweet Organic Pepper, City Garden Mix Lettuce, Summer Picnic Mix Lettuce, Diva Cucumber, Lupine, Cup & Saucer Vine, Cardinal Climber Seeds, and Preciosa Yellow Zinnia Seeds.

I’m sure I have more than enough and will hold some seeds back for later.

Then I got online and began looking for raised container beds. After getting out and trying to dig ornamental grasses out of my big pots, I was doing my back in attempting to get them out of the pots for reuse.

Since I can’t go out to physical therapy right now, I don’t want to make the back situation even worse, so I opted to do something else.

I looked at various companies and settled on Here is what I ordered:

Two of these at $54.47 each. It was the cheapest containers I could find of a decent size that had legs. They had good ratings (I rely on good ratings) and said this:

High-quality plastic material is lightweight and weather-resistant

Strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 150 pounds; shelf rated to hold 15 pounds

Removable legs and shelf for easy winter storage; easy open drainage hole

Raised so it is easy on your back and knees

Measures 36-inch length by 15.5-inch width by 34-inch height. Container Volume: 37.4 qts

Then I ordered 2 twelve quart bags of this soil ($22.89 each), which is the same brand that I buy from my local nursery, Southwoods.

My current plan is to put vegetables in one and herbs in the other.

Then in the other containers and pots that I already have, I’ll plant the flower seeds.

Most of my containers already have plants coming up in them, so I won’t need to do much there. I’ll probably have to dig some space out of these for flower seeds where I can.

I doubt I’ll be going to Southwoods Garden Nursery for some time. I typically go there on April 15 and buy plants. This year that has changed. I’ll be planting what I get in the mail.

Have you had to change your garden plans with all that is going on? Please share with us.

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