Columbia garden center continuing to work through cold temperatures | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA – Despite the cold temperatures, employees at Helmi’s Gardens were hard at work on Friday afternoon. 

“We try to handle whatever comes our way,” owner Helmi Sheely said. “We just keep at it.”

Sheely said changing temperatures can damage plants that start to grow when it is warmer out. 

“You have a lot of damage because the plants are like ‘hey, it’s spring, I’m going to get ready to start doing my thing,'” Sheely said. 

The rain also has an effect on business. 

“This time of year, if it is raining or is going to rain, it puts us pretty far behind,” head landscape designer Carly Cox said. 

Cold temperatures and rain also leads to fewer customers coming into the store. 

“Days like today, the store is dead,” Cox said on Friday. “That’s when we get behind.”

Employees are working to save the plants that grew in previous weeks. 

“A lot of my stuff is pretty far along because we were warm,” Sheely said. “We’ve laid things down and we’re covering them with plastic.” 

The outside plants were covered with a tarp at Helmi’s Gardens.

If you have plants at home, Sheely recommends calling a local garden center for advice. 

“I would say if you have things that are pretty far along right now, you probably need to cover them with something tonight,” Sheely said.