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D’Decor Home Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Dicitex Decor Pvt. Ltd.),[1] is a producer of curtain and upholstery fabrics. Their products are designed by in-house, and are also being used by designers and furniture-makers in both Europe & USA. Their customers include some of the brands [2] The company’s turnover has increased from USD 8 million in 1999 to USD 100 million in 2014 (includes D’Decor Home Fabrics, D’Decor Exports & a distribution company owned by D’Decor).

D’Decor exports home fabrics to 15 countries (90% sales come from US, Belgium, UK & Middle East).[2] The customers include international brands across the globe in the home space.[3]


D’Decor has copyrights and ownership to more than 10,000 designs. D’Decor participates in five biggest international trade fairs annually – Moods, Heimtex, Intertex Shanghai Show, Proposte and Evteks.[4]

Manufacturing facility[edit]

D’Decor operates four manufacturing plants which are located in Tarapur, near Mumbai.[5] The output of their plants exceed 120,000 metres a day.[citation needed]
At any given point of time, D’Decor’s supply chain is capable of delivering more than 200,000 SKUs. These are chosen from a large spectrum of products comprising furnishing fabrics, embroidered fabrics, yarns, ready-mades, velvets and wallpapers.[citation needed]


  • D’Decor was awarded the World’s Largest Woven Upholstery and Curtain mill by Fabric & Furnishing International.[citation needed]
  • D’Decor was the first to introduce water-repellent fabric, flame-retardant fabrics and also to have the first robotic warehouse in India.[citation needed]
  • D’Decor was voted India’s most trusted furniture retail brand according to the Brand Trust Report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory.[6]

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