Derby Middle School community rock garden spreads positivity one rock at a time | Derby News

Derby Middle School science teacher Jamie Welch recently found herself getting lonely and wanting to spread positivity. So Welch decided she’d get creative, and Derby Middle School’s Community Rock Garden was born.

The garden – which features rocks with messages including “believe,” “hope,” and more – is made out of timbers and wood from an old bridge and fence at Welch’s house. She found a tarp in her garage that holds the mulch in place, and she used concrete pavers that she had in her home garden. The rest of the materials she found around her house.

It took her about four hours to complete the project, Welch said. The entire thing came together while maintaining proper social distancing.

“I am all about safety,” Welch said.

The pavers are more than six feet apart, so if multiple people are at the garden at once, they can keep their distance. The garden also features a sign that says “please do not touch the rocks” so that nobody is touching other people’s contributions.

Welch said she hopes kids and adults will be inspired by the positive messages on the rocks during this difficult time. She encourages people to bring their own rocks for the garden.

“Our lives have been changed,” Welch said. “We are learning to adapt and make the best of things along the way. Change is very difficult for some. How we choose to change and make the best of the situation is up to each person. If the rock garden brings anyone joy during these difficult times, then we have created happiness.”

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