Did You Catch What the White House Is Doing to Change Messaging on Economy?

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter informed readers that the White House has been working with media outlets to help reshape messaging on the economy.

“The White House, not happy with the news media’s coverage of the supply chain and economy, has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor,” reported “Reliable Sources.”

Senior White House and admin officials — including NEC Deputy Directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti, along with Ports Envoy John Porcari — have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week, a source tells me.

The officials have been discussing with newsrooms trends pertaining to job creation, economic growth, supply chains, and more. The basic argument that has been made: That the country’s economy is in much better shape than it was last year. I’m told the conversations have been productive, with anchors and reporters and producers getting to talk with the officials… (CNN)

When Oliver Darcy tweeted out the “scoop,” many pointed out just how concerning this is. 

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