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Reader’s Theater. After viewing the movie multiple times, students act out the Mobilocks fairytale from the movie, using the script below. Divide the class into groups of five for the five characters. Allow students time to watch the movie again, and to practice. If they like, they can bring in props and costumes.

Characters: Ben (narrator), Mobylocks, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear.

Ben: Once upon a time, Mobylocks went for a walk in the woods. He walked and walked and WALKED. After a while, he didn’t know where he was.

Suddenly he saw a little house. Mobylocks knocked three times on the door! On the third knock, the door opened a little. Mobylocks peeked inside. No one was home.
Mobylocks walked quietly and carefully into the house. He saw three bowls of soup on a table. He tasted the soup in the first bowl. But it was too hot! The soup in the second bowl was too cold! But the soup in the third bowl was just right. Mobylocks ate the whole thing!

After he finished eating, Mobylocks was tired. He yawned and went upstairs to look for a place to sleep. There were three beds upstairs. Mobylocks lay down in the big bed, but it was too hard! He tried the bed in the middle, but that was too soft! Finally, Mobylocks lay in the smallest bed and it was perfect. Aaaah!

Suddenly, Mobylocks saw a picture on the wall. The picture was of three bears: a mother bear, a father bear, and a baby bear. Then he understood that the house belonged to those three bears! Just then, someone opened the door. Creeeaaak. Then Mobylocks heard voices downstairs!

Papa Bear: Someone ate some of my soup.
Mama Bear: Someone ate some of my soup, too.
Baby Bear: Someone ate all of my soup…and there’s no more!
Ben: Suddenly, Mobylocks heard a noise. Thump, thump, thump. Someone or something was coming up the stairs.
Papa Bear: Someone was lying in my bed.
Mama Bear: Someone was lying in my bed, too.
Baby Bear: Someone is lying in my bed… and he’s still here!
Ben: When Mobylocks saw the three bears, he quickly jumped out the open window and ran into the woods. He never returned to the three bears’ house again.
The end.


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