Families use ‘safer at home’ free time to complete home improvement projects

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The ‘safer at home order’ mixed with warm weather means you can drive in any neighborhood in Knox County and hear mowers going, hammers nailing and honey-do lists being checked off. 

Homeowners are realizing they now can’t use the excuse “I don’t have time to do that.”

Father and son Dustin and Caden Miles live in Fountain City and used their newfound free time to get some projects done.

“I took the opportunity during our social distancing to take advantage of it and start putting a fence in for our dogs,” Dustin Miles said.

Caden is out of school for at least another month and Dustin’s hours at work were cut down.

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They figured while the rest of the world is trying to find it’s balance, now was the time to stop putting off their to-do list.

“Heard it on Monday when we were at work,” Dustin explained. “Boss comes in and says ‘hey they’re doing safer at home,’ so we started planning and I thought oh! Great idea! Time to do the fence.”

They’re not alone, either, Lowes and Home Depot were packed on Saturday, full of families buying supplies for their own projects.

But it’s not just mending fences. Others are power washing, deck staining, chopping wood and gardening.

Gibbs eighth grader Caden admitted the best part of the projects is the ending.

“Getting the reward of getting this done and your hard work,” Caden smiled.

While this family is making do with the grass on this side of the fence for now, they’re looking forward to what’s greener when ‘safer at home’ orders are lifted and quarantines stop.

“Getting back to a sense of normalcy,” Dustin explained. “Being not cooped up or being able to get out and do what we normally do.”

They are hoping for a fixed situation and a new fence by the time all is said and done.

“This is it. This is the last one for a while—hopefully—unless the honey do list gets longer,” Dustin laughed.

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