To our loyal client

Due to health concerns we will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Be safe and stay healthy of clients, family and community!
We hope you will join us soon.

Please check our SNS.
If you have some questions, please sent to E-mail or DM.


Welcome and thank you for visiting GARDEN’s website!

GARDEN’s commitment is to assist all the customers to experience favorable and confidence thru our hair designs. Each of us pursue skills and service with passion, progress forward, and deliver designs and energy thru these experiences. And we believe this is our sincere thoughts as a stylist.

Since the first GARDEN, with 600 square meter space, opened 8 years ago in Harajuku, Tokyo, all of us worked as a one team with daily effort. Along with the support from our valued customers, this has allowed us to grow to 8 salons.

As the concept of luxury shifts to ‘trust’ worldwide,
Japanese meticulous and passionate attitude to ‘work’ is highly valued in various industries and hold great potential.

We believe our continued effort and the storage of professional skills in Tokyo will breathe in new wind to New York and provide a level of excellence and service that is never been seen before.

Along with your continued patronage in GARDEN Tokyo, we look forward to seeing you at our latest GARDEN in New York!

Weekday 10am – 8pm / Weekend 10am – 7pm / Mon Closed

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