HI-WAY HOUSE, The Dalles – Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number

I am actually at a loss for words. I feel really sorry for the wait staff.
2 couples, trying to have a belated Christmas get together. We went here as 1 of the parties had had French Onion soup as well as a decent meal…in December with a large party of 10-11. When we reviewed the menu, they were not offering it, when we asked about, we were informed they have not had it for years! So apparently they had just dreamed it? Moving on, the men ordered prime rib. 1 of them was having trouble cutting his steak which was odd, except when he and his wife touched it, it was still partially frozen. The wife took it back to the kitchen her self. Enter Jay Kane, the owner. He came over to our table and verbally accosted the party who sent the steak back, called him a trouble maker and accused him of just trying to get a free meal! Then he went into the kitchen and brought out the whole cutting board that the prime rib was sitting on. After the owner finally removed himself out of our faces, Jackie the replacement waitress came over and apologized profusely. At first they were going to comp the one dinner, but ended up comping the whole ticket, which was probably more than they needed to do, as 2 of the 4 had an ok dinner.
The grilled chicken on the salad was ice box cold, but at least it wasn’t frozen.
It is a real shame as the fine dinning options in this city are limited.
Its too bad the system doesn’t allow a minus rating.
The poor rating is for owner food, NOT the waitress’s.

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