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Home improvement and renovation works are necessary to breathe a new lease of life to
any old house. Although these are often time-consuming and labour-intensive projects, the
professional agencies of interior design Singapore can plan and execute these projects

Hiring a team of trained professionals experienced in home renovation Singapore can help
you set up realistic goals within affordable budgets. Unless you have an experienced team
working with you, the work is less likely to be perfect. Modern houses are not just a safe
abode for the owner and his or her family. Your home should exude your aesthetics and
sense of style.

Does your home need renovation or remodelling?

It is imperative that every home has a personality. Explore HDB renovation projects from
the featured sections to find out about the projects that resonate with your personal style
and aesthetics.

Renovation and interior design go hand-in-hand. The interior design of your home
complements the new elements you add to the architecture or layout of your property.
Whether it is a luxurious two-story home with five bedrooms or a simple one-bedroom
apartment in the heart of the city, a house demands some TLC from time to time to remain
covetable in the Singapore real estate market.

If you are not keen on undertaking extensive renovation and remodelling works right now,
you can consider an overhaul of the theme of interior décor. The minimalist interior décor is
highly popular among homeowners in Singapore at the moment. Minimalist themes are
simple, and they are the best choice for any homeowner who is inspired by the recent wave
of decluttering.

What interior design themes are prevalent in Singapore right now?

Minimalist interior décor in Singapore has seen the use of ample open spaces, with simple
yet functional furniture and furnishing. These can include coffee tables that unfold into
sizeable dining tables for four. Electric fireplaces that serve as an essential part of the décor,
yet keep indoors warm and cosy. These include tight edits and well-defined lines between
open spaces, smart, cohesive colour palettes, and meaningful silhouettes. In simple terms,
less is more, when it comes to minimalist interior design in Singapore.

The other popular interior design style in Singapore is the Scandinavian theme. It is also
minimalistic and simple, but its accents are bolder than the minimalist styles of decoration.
Choosing the 1950s style Scandinavian interior design for your home can transform the
entire household within a couple of hours while making use of a considerable number of
furnishing elements that already exist. One significant difference between the Scandinavian
and modern interior design themes is the presence of nature-inspired elements in the
former. The Scandinavian theme utilizes considerable natural shapes and abstraction.

What should you do if this is your first home renovation/décor project?

Whether you want your space to bear a touch of nature through the use of natural
elements, or you want an utterly futuristic look with the inclusion of eclectic furnishing
options, you might face some difficulties initially in choosing the right aspects of interior
décor. Browse the vast category of featured work and the portfolio of HDB Interior Design
Singapore for creative and budget-friendly ideas that can transform your home on a realistic

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