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Many householders leave their heating on constantly at a low temperature believing this is the best way to keep their home warm. This results in wasting heat and money when you’re out, and not being warm enough when you’re home. Heating controls enable you to control your heating so that you are warm and cosy exactly when you want to be. Connecting new heating controls to your system allow you to more effectively control how and when different areas of your home are heated. Such devices could provide big savings on your energy bills, particularly when you’re increasing the size of your home. Thermostatic valves on radiators are essential, giving you manual control over how much heat each room requires and minimising waste.

Whereas traditional heating controls bring flexibility, allowing programmable running time to fit your lifestyle, the latest generation of ‘smart’ thermostats offer even more flexibility. In addition to offering the full range of timing controls, you can remotely control your heating from your tablet, smartphone or desktop, changing temperature, timing and even, with some technologies, ensure you have hot water ready for your return home.

With today’s hectic lifestyles and unpredictable work life, smart thermostats also eliminate worries when you’re away for extended periods – switch heating off if you forget, or on when cold weather is on its way. 

Installing a room thermostat, a programmer and thermostatic radiator valves and using these controls efficiently could save you around £80 a year*. Detailed information on potential savings you could make can be found on our Thermostats and Controls page.

smart home climate control system

*If you didn’t have any controls beforehand.

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