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Layering our new TWEED collection with our more basic MAC grey and please your Limoges porcelain for ANY occasion. It will make even more special.
And in those challenging moments, be safe and stay healthy.

Sharing our retailers favorite Instagram pictures – DHARA RED from Deshoulieres 

Gorgeous New Murano Style Art Glass Critters are in Stock Now !

April 1, 2020

Phillip & Kent

recently celebrated a 3rd anniversary

~ Congratulations!

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Brighten your days and life with one or the 22 colors of the ALTEA/HELIOS collection 
I truly find this picture uplifting for a Monday morning
Stay home, be safe and healthy 

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Hoping to bring a breath of fresh air & Spring inside with our ADRIANA collection 

Stay Home & be safe 

We might all be home – shelter in place – but life is still happening and celebration too. Homemade lemon tart for my daughter’s birthday 

With all this time on my hand, I am making nice presentation for weekend brunch – dinning our in the living room –

stay safe & healthy 

Time to get the fine china / Limoges porcelain or any fancy plates out and enjoy ALL your meals in them.  This morning breakfast with Tuileries 
à bientôt for more 

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