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In this digital age, the world of tech and social media can feel like the times are moving faster than the speed of light. As a home pro, you’re probably asking yourself: How do I stay on top of the latest trends?

Here at Home Pros Guide, we make it our job to know of the best advertising trends that can bump your business up in front of the eyes of new homeowners. 

Get in touch with new leads with 4 trendy, promotional ideas you can put into action!


Create Personalized Marketing

Everyone gets so much spam mail, both in their mailboxes and their email inboxes. You can stand out from the crowd with personalized marketing. You want to talk to people, both current and potential clients, as if they were a prospective business partner or a close and trusted individual. Doing this will make them more likely to open your mail and hear what you have to say!

Make it a priority to use your clients’ names when messaging them. If you can, reach out to new leads by first name. If you’re creating ads about deals, write them in a way that best appeals to your customers. But don’t forget to tap into the demand of those who are looking for exclusive deals — write emails promising a special exclusive deal, just for being a loyal follower or subscriber to your newsletter or services!

Upload Social Media Stories

Almost every popular social media site, such as Facebook and Instagram, have a section for Stories. These sections are limited-time windows into a person’s life or a company’s day-to-day events. Social media-savvy viewers can tell when a brand is active by seeing their stories posted every so often. This activity is quite different from a regular post on your Facebook page or Instagram feed!

Don’t be afraid to make a social media story for your business! It can be anything from posting a coupon code for a service, to a home improvement job you want to show off to the world. Give your followers something to be engaged with your brand.

Update Your Sites

It’s good practice for you to keep your company’s website updated, not just for your viewers but for search engines such as Google. When you update your site with new, relevant content, Google will recognize it and tell everyone, ‘Hey, this brand is active, you should check them out!’

Whenever you have a new gallery of a recent project you did, or are changing the hours or mission statement of your company, make sure you update it on your site! Update your site often to stay on top of the Internet and its algorithms!

Shoot Original Videos

Videos are popular in this day and age, delivering content that words and images can’t. They can give a company a sense of authority and reputation, for being at the forefront of recording their process and sharing it with the world.

If you really want to be popular, think about doing before/after videos of dramatic home transformations, educational videos on the different types of services you offer in home improvement, and advice in video form demonstrating things you’d do as a Home Pro. People who are looking for specific advice will find your videos and see you as a real professional in the industry!

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