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Join us in celebration! Celebrate the beginning of the USA Garden Shop with a 25% discount on all orders over $30. This coupon will last until the 15th May 2020 and provides unlimited use for all customers who come to our website. However, please note that this is one coupon per transaction. If you wish to know anything else about our discount scheme, you can find information through [email protected]

Welcome to the USA Garden Shop – simple purchase of nursery plants, seeds, and live roots

In these stressful times, finding a way to stay happy and busy can be tough. That’s why the USA Garden Shop is here: to give you an easier time outlasting and living green.
This store was built with one singular purpose: to help raise funds for our family. We’re a family-owned business who have been hit hard by the economy tough time. It’s cost our family livelihood and income due to the shutdown of our primary industry, so we set up this store to try and do two things:

  1. Raise funds to help us survive during these hard times.
  2. Provide our customers with top quality garden items to help make self-isolation fun.
    Ever thought about getting into gardening? Then now is the time. You’ll have a greater opportunity to do this than ever before, allowing you to tap into top quality seeds, live roots, and nursery plants. This means you can get your garden up-and-running with top quality seeds grown here in the United States of America.
    We don’t import seeds from abroad; we grow everything here in the USA in our own cultivated garden venue. We don’t use any questionable chemical growth processes, nor we do provide fictional growth rates. Everything we sell is 100% home grown, non-GMO plants, seeds, and roots. These are hand-picked from our own garden, where our family works hard to ensure we can provide our customers with the best solutions.

So, if you want a garden that is explosive and vibrant in terms of the life found within, come and work with us today. The team at USA Garden Shop will ensure you get the kind of fantastic experience that you need and deserve.
Got any questions? Then contact us today at [email protected]!
We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries that you might have regarding out store and what we can offer you today. So, whatever you need, we’ll do our best to help you find them.

Who runs USA Garden Shop?

USA Garden Shop is run by a mother and son who are looking to make ends meet during the economy hard time. Having lost our normal livelihoods, we look to use our cultivation and gardening experience to help the many in self-isolation enjoy the benefits of getting involved with nature.

We have a vegetable and herbal garden in our home, and we sell the products that we cultivate to you for your own enjoyment and usage. We accept PayPal payments, too, so you can easily process the payment with us securely.

We also use secure USPS shipping to ensure that our products always arrive on-time, in the right condition, and ready to be used. We also have an online eBay store that you can check out below, making it easy for you to find a range of our gardening products through an online platform you likely already use.

So, our aim is simple – to make sure you can spruce up your garden with plants, seeds, and live roots to help make your own gardening experience even more enjoyable. Whatever you are looking to do with your garden, the USA Garden Shop will try and help you make it possible!

Here is our Ebay store with over 180 positive just for the past months reviews, we hope it give you more confident shopping with us.

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