How to edge a lawn: for a professional finish

Edging a lawn is an easy but effective way of shaping your plot. A simple and therapeutic task, the results can hugely transform the look of your outside space and enable you to create borders, patios and paths with a smart, professional finish. It can also make ongoing maintenance and jobs such as weeding and mulching borders easier and quicker to do.

Whether you are starting from scratch cutting borders from a lawn, redesigning existing ones or just smartening up lawn edging ideas already in place, there are just a few expert tips to follow in our easy-to-follow advice.

How to edge a lawn

Garden ideas

(Image credit: Charlotte Rowe)

Whatever condition your lawn is in, smartening up the edges will make it look 10 times better. A crisp, smooth defining line between grass and surrounding soil or paving, will accentuate the space, highlight planting and show off the overall plot design. 

1. How to decide on the shape of the lawn