I’m a gardening expert – how to add light and colour to your bland garden without breaking the bank

WANT to transform your garden from looking bland to vibrant and light without breaking the bank?

MyJobQuote’s gardening expert Fiona Jenkins has revealed seven easy ways to add colour to your dull garden this summer.


A gardening expert has revealed seven easy way to add light and colour to your gardenCredit: Getty

From planting a vegetable patch to installing solar lights, it doesn’t have to be hard to turn your outdoor space into a pretty paradise.

Here, Fiona reveals to Fabulous what you should do over the next few weeks….

Buy plants

Adding flowers and plants is the most natural way to incorporate colour and brightness into your garden and can be purchased quite cheaply. 

Fully grown plants can be purchased relatively inexpensively and are easy to care for and tend for, however, if you are a keen gardener then you can sow seeds. 

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One of the most popular trends for gardens is to create a “wild” garden with an assortment of wildflowers. 

Wildflower seeds can create beautifully bright gardens and can encourage bees and natural pollinators into your garden. 

Seeds can be bought inexpensively and if you sow them in April then you should expect a bloom in the early summertime. 

Include colour plant pots 

Bright and bold plant pots are perfect for creating statement pieces, to help incorporate colour into an otherwise bland garden. 

Pots don’t need to be an expensive purchase either, as they can be found in garden centres or even charity shops, so do some shopping around. 

Or, if you already have old and basic plant pots sitting around, you can easily give them a new lease of life and redecorate them. 

Paint in bright block colours, to match or even contrast against plants or let your imagination run wild and give each one a different theme. 

Create a colourful vegetable garden

What better way to invite brightness into your garden than planting your own fruit and vegetables? 

Growing your own produce is becoming more popular, and April is an especially great month to start growing certain fruits and vegetables, as this will ensure an early autumn harvest. Vegetables to consider include beetroot, spinach and sweetcorn.

As the produce grows, it will make your garden look brighter and more bountiful.

A common misconception is you need lots of space to grow your own produce, however, this is not the case. 

If your space is limited, or you don’t have plant beds, then repurpose old plastic boxes and unused nursery pots to start growing – just ensure there are a few drainage holes at the bottom, which you may need to do yourself. 

If you do have the space, then grow your vegetables directly in the ground. 

For both options, use a well-draining and organic compost and include fertiliser to ensure a healthy harvest.  

Paint your patio

This may seem like a daunting task but provided you have the correct paint type, painting your patio is as simple as painting a wall. 

Normal paint, even exterior wall paint, is not suitable so instead, you should opt for solvent-based floor paint, which can be found in most DIY stores. 

This type of paint is hard-wearing and durable, able to withstand high traffic areas and comes in numerous colours too. 

You could liven up weathered concrete slabs with a similar colour or instead opt for a bright colour to create an impact in your garden. 

Decking can also easily be painted or stained, in fact it is advisable that you do as doing so will help form a protective barrier around the timber, meaning your deck will last longer. 

Choosing a bright colour can make your deck seem like a statement piece, however, if you prefer the natural look of wood, then opt for a stain that allows for the decking’s wood grain to show through.  

Incorporate accessories 

If you have a smaller garden or smaller budget, then do not underestimate the impact of including a few colourful accessories. 

Bright cushions on outdoor furniture, patterned blankets for chilly evenings and even outdoor rugs will help to brighten up your back garden significantly.

To save money then you could create your own accessories, whether or not you are particularly crafty. 

You could upcycle and paint a birdhouse or, for a fun activity with your kids, do some rock painting. 

Although small, the bright colours of painted rocks can make a big impact and the bright colours can even attract bees to your garden. 

Solar panel lights 

Lighting in your garden is often overlooked, however warm lighting can help create a cosy environment and ambience. 

Lighting such as fairy lights is particularly good, as they work well in lighting but don’t require too much effort. 

Fairy lights that are powered by solar panels are a worthwhile investment as it is relatively cheap to buy but cost absolutely nothing to run. 

All it will need is exposure to direct sunlight and it will run for a long period.

Use your shed

If your shed is an eyesore, looking tired and rundown, then consider giving it a new lease of life by simply painting it. 

For a more natural look, use an exterior wood stain that looks lovely, especially when the sun shines onto it as it will be a focal point rather than something to avoid looking at. 

For an even bolder and bright look, invest in some heavy-duty, exterior paint and let your creativity flow. 

You could highlight the shed’s features, for example painting it to look like a mini house or use the sides as a wall to create a bright mural.

Adding solar lights is a quick and easy way to make your garden less dull and dark


Adding solar lights is a quick and easy way to make your garden less dull and darkCredit: Getty
A vegetable patch can add instant colour


A vegetable patch can add instant colourCredit: Getty