inner gardens and different lattice roofs characterize house by RC architects in india


The house with the different roofs


Within a tight neighborhood in Gadhinglaj, India, RC Architects has designed ‘House with Different Roofs‘ as a brightly lit and well-ventilated living environment emerging through the semi-urban context. As its name suggests, the residence makes use of four different roofs, each rendering a unique spatial experience. The roofs consist of skylights that draw in the fresh air and ensure passive natural lighting throughout the home.

the slope of the lattice roof aligning to the slopes of the surrounding roofs

images courtesy of RC Architects


drawing natural light in


RC Architects’ design is formed to draw the maximum amount of light in the central core of the house, and also push it towards the rooms on the sides of the residence. The team has developed the house around the idea of a room and garden that are attached to each other. Therefore, each room attaches itself to a garden, supporting different activities at different times of the day and creating spaces with multiple use opportunities. 


On the ground floor, one enters the home through a porous yet protected veranda that overlooks the street. It allows ample natural light to permeate the interior, which then further seeps into the hall adjacent to it that is lined with a staircase leading to the first floor. As one makes their way further into the house, they are met with the light from the overhead skylight and a glimpse of the garden ahead.

house with different roofs 2
courtyard and dining area


interior configuration & open terrace


The living room, which is trapped between the outer shared walls, takes maximum advantage of the other two sides, with one looking into the hall through a window and the other turning into a half wall overlooking the dining area and the garden beyond. The kitchen is located opposite the dining area and, bound by an outer wall on one side and open on the other, which houses a utility space and a common toilet. The common garden is surrounded by the living room, the kitchen, and the bedroom and is utilized for various activities throughout the day. It also plays a very important role in providing abundant light and ventilation for the entire house. The bedroom, with its private toilet, has openings on opposite walls facilitating cross ventilation and opens into a private garden.


The first floor consists of two bedrooms connected with a common terrace. The common terrace starts as a semi-covered space topped by a pinewood lattice cover, creating an intriguing volume where users can gather and sit together. This space is followed by an open terrace, lined with planters and overlooking the garden on the ground floor. Since the terrace receives harsh direct sunlight, the walls of the terrace are painted tan red to minimize glare and make it a comfortable space to inhabit. 

house with different roofs 3
the garden as the heart of the house

house with different roofs 4
terrace garden connecting the master bedroom

house with different roofs 5
pinewood lattice pavilion

house with different roofs 6
bridge connecting the master bedroom and the terrace garden

house with different roofs 7
lattice roof and roof above the ground floor courtyard

house with different roofs 8
pinewood lattice pavilion on the terrace garden




front facade covered in moria gray shingles

front facade covered in moria gray shingles

built form in reference to the surrounding houses of the village

built form in reference to the surrounding houses of the village

the contrast between the granite corner window and the coconut tree

the contrast between the granite corner window and the coconut tree

the house and its surroundings

the house and its surroundings

project info:



name: House with Different Roofs
architects: RC Architects
lead architect: Rohan Chavan
location: Gadhinglaj, India