Interior Region EMS Council, Inc.

Our Mission

The Interior Region EMS Council strives to reduce the
human and economic costs of accidents and illnesses through continual
improvement of emergency care and education.

To support and advance the field of out-of-hospital Medicine in rural,
frontier and tribal settings, through education, innovation, research and
medical direction.



(Coronavirus) Information


**  DUE TO


REMSC Symposium has been cancelled.

Update on IREMSC Symposium and COVID-19

Today the IREMSC Executive Committee and Regional Medical Director made
the very difficult decision to cancel the upcoming IREMSC symposium
scheduled for March 25th-28th. 
With the viral outbreak seriously affecting Seattle and travel
restrictions placed on State personnel and many other organizations it
seemed prudent to do so.

While there are currently no confirmed cases of COVIDS-19 in Alaska,
Alaskans are extensive travelers. 
In most cases, we must travel through the Seattle airport to get to
points beyond.  The potential
for exposure to COVID-19 is there.

CDC recommendations regarding large group gatherings currently include
evaluating potential risk, characteristics of the communities involved,
and local capacity to implement strategies to mitigate exposure. 
This includes evaluating the potential exposure to at-risk
populations- (those over the age of 60 with underlying medical conditions)
and evaluating the ability of the community to respond and mitigate
further spread of the disease.

Of greatest concern is the potential of exposing our providers- the
backbone of our EMS response to this illness.  
It would only take one attendee to unknowingly expose other
symposium participants to cause a major outbreak in our very small
rural communities.   At the
least, if the providers attending were exposed, they would have to be
quarantined and would be unable to respond to their neighbors if they
are ill or injured.  This could
be potentially catastrophic in the communities where there is only one
primary provider.   The
worst-case scenario would be the transmission of COVID-19 to our elder
population throughout the interior. 
Given these concerns, the IREMSC BOD thought it prudent not to
risk potential exposure.

If you have registered for symposium we
will be issuing refunds in the next few weeks.  If this cancellation
impacts your ability to recertify on March 30th, please request an
extension.  Todd McDowell, State Office of EMS Manager, has approved
the ability to extend without paying the extension fee- (complimentary

Thank you for your support and patience. 

Wilma Vinton, Executive Director

Information for Providers regarding COVID-19

Link Specifically for Health Care Providers


Rural Emergency Medical Services Training Grants
(SIREN Grant) available

Application Due Date: Monday, March 30, 2020

SAMHSA is accepting applications for the Rural Emergency Medical Services
Training grants (EMS Training). The purpose of this program is to recruit
and train emergency medical services (EMS) personnel in rural areas.
SAMHSA recognizes the great need for emergency services in rural areas and
the critical role EMS personnel serve across the country.

SAMHSA plans to issue 25 grants of up to $200,000 per year for up to 4

For more information,

click here


CDC Guidelines for the 2019 Novel
Coronavirus Response


FNSB Paramedic Refresher

February 2-24-29/20

is open




New State EMS Regulations Have Been Signed!

As you may have already heard, the State EMS Regulations have been
signed and went into effect on August 21st. 
What does this mean?




The ACEMS Implementation Task Force, tasked with developing the
implementation process for the soon to be approved EMS Regulation
changes, is in need  of more members.  ACEMS has reopened its
application site and if you are interested in helping with the
development of EMT 1, 2, 3 or AK-AEMT, AK Instructor, and AK
Instructor Coordinator objectives and transition bridge courses,
please submit an application at the following link: 

This is a time-intensive process, work-groups meet regularly and
the Task Force meets every other week, via teleconference to work
on this important process.  We need dedicated EMS providers, 
instructors, and administrators to help make this transition
process go smoothly.

DHSS Newsletter

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services now issues a monthly
newsletter that provides some great information.

Check out the September DHSS Newsletter by following this link:

EMS Vitals

To Subscribe to their monthly newsletter please
go here:

. Here is a

how to guide

for assistance with your subscription


EMS World Article on Alaska! Check this out!


Alaska Job Opportunities


Save the Dates!!

IREMSC 27th Symposium:

March 31th- April 3rd, 2021

Fairbanks Alaska


Save the Dates!!

SREMSC Symposium:

October 27-31, 2020

Anchorage, Alaska


Standing order for FNSB and the Interior Region have just been updated. 
Here is the link: 

IREMSC Regional Standing Orders Updated 6/3/2019


If you would like us to add any
information to our website or should you come across any errors/issues;
Please contact Amber Lammers at 907-456-3978 or email

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Our Mission

The Interior Region EMS Council strives to reduce the
human and economic costs of accidents and illnesses through continual
improvement of emergency care and education.

Our Goals

To provide and facilitate appropriate and sustainable training for EMS
providers and the public in the region.

Data Collection: To Promote Research and Data
Collection Relevant to EMS.

To provide appropriate and sustainable equipment for EMS providers and
systems in the region and to serve as a regional center for
distribution of surplus equipment.

To promote adequate EMS communications systems throughout the region
for EMS providers and the public.

Community Outreach: To
educate and promote awareness of EMS issues and systems on the part of the
public, policy makers and EMS services and develop new and maintain
existing EMS systems in the region


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