Learning to cook healthy at this community garden

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. — Through the pandemic we’ve all picked up our share of new hobbies. Whether that’s taking to the outdoors more or just simply picking up a good book, but for many it’s been an opportunity to cook more at home and maybe even introduce some healthier options into that cooking. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Urban Farming Institute is a group that is dedicated to promoting gardening and health living
  • Stacy Brown believes it’s important to teach people how to use healthy foods in their diet
  • By teaching people how to use fruits and vegatables, Brown wants to help people have more control over their diet

If your someone looking to try that, there is one spot in South Florida dedicated to promoting gardening and healthy living. In this week’s Florida on a Tankful, we explore the outdoor wonders of the Urban Farming Institute.

With the snap of the branch, Stacy Brown is busy collecting basil from this hydroponics crop at one of her favorite spots, the Urban Farming Institute. This South Florida community garden is not just Stacy’s place of work, where she oversees operations and development as the director, but a place she holds dear to her heart as it reminds her of her Florida roots. 

Growing up in the rural community of Zepherhills, she was raised on a farm. So, when she moved to South Florida several years ago, it was a no brainer to find a job like this one, where she can thrive outdoors and help to grow this community garden, that promotes the art of gardening and healthy eating.

In fact, one of their new initiatives sees members like Stacy using the host of herbs and veggies they grow on site and teaching their members and visitors how to cook and prepare them for a healthier lifestyle. 

It’s all part of their “Chef at Eleven” where they bring in chefs from around the state to educate. This week’s chef happened to be a local celebrity chef, Pat Quinn, who in his spare time, when he isn’t cooking for pro athletes, he’s working at events like these. 

Demonstrating the benefits of growing and cooking your own meals at home and showing just how simple or advanced you can get with these creations. 

The whole team at the Urban Farming Institute working around the clock seven days a week to not only inspire those who visit their gardens, but teach them the benefits behind a whole foods lifestyle. 

The Urban Farming Institute is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information on their information lectures and Chef at Eleven head to their website, https://urbanfarminginstitute.org